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Join Jared as he interviews Entertainer, International Wedding Music Artist and teacher Michael Sean Miller as they discuss life, music, friendship & more as well as upcoming opportunities to get involved with musical experience with the power to help make a difference in your life! Please visit www.MichaelSeanMiller.com for all the tour dates and …
A Korean Broadcasting station has invited Donnalou Stevens, artist widely known for viral sensation #OlderLadies video to be in a documentary focusing on beauty beyond outer appearance. They posed the question, "In your opinion, what is ‘beauty’? Hear her response!Crystle Joy
Many of us see all the drama in the world and feel overwhelmed..where or even how can I possibly help make any of this even a little better? Older Ladies Video is more than a humorous song it shares light and inspiration.Crystle Joy
Don't forget to send the FCC your comments before its too late! Keep the NET NEUTRAL!!!!! Without it being an even playing field our personal use of the web will be compromised unless YOUR willing to open up that Wallet/Purse and spend more for what you already have! YOU can make a Difference!!!#NetNeutrality #OpenInternet #FCC #JohnOliver #Amazon …
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