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Let's Get Biblical Audio Series with Rabbi Tovia Singer Listen Online or Download this Fascinating 24 part Audio Series for Free Listen to Rabbi Tovia Singer’s Complete 24-part Let’s Get Biblical! Rabbi Tovia Singer takes his audience on an extraordinary, eye-opening journey through the Bible, illuminating the fundamental reasons why Judaism does not accept the Christian messiah.
Let's Get Biblical Q&A"on TeNak Talk with Host Wil'liam Hall. TeNaK Talk is a LIVE video Broadcast Our goal is to have guest speakers who will be able to interact with the viewers and listeners, mostly on a Q&A format. We also have guest teachers and Authors to discuss their Books and or testimonies. All speakers are TaNaKh teachers only and will discuss topics ranging from the Hebrew Scriptures to the Christian New Testament.
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Wasn't Jesus Supposed to Have Children? Can "SEED" Simply be a Metaphor? with Rabbi Tovia Singer and Wil'liam Hall
Can the Septuagint/LXX be Trusted? It's been declared that the LXX was miraculously translated by 70(or 72) Rabbi's and they ALL translated it EXACTLY the same, word-for-word! Is this true? with Rabbi Tovia Singer and Wil'lam Hall
59 - Let's Get Biblical Q&A with Rabbi Tovia Singer 'What's the Purpose of the Non-Jew with Rabbi Tovia Singer and Wil'lam Hall
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