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Jim. Peter, and Tiffany talk about the MCU's newest feature film (available in theaters and on Disney +). Join the gang in this fun episode full of some great information and some not-so-great commentary! This episode was a blast to record and we hope that you enjoy it!The Nerd Cartel
Jim and peter talk about the return of show favorite, (Sir) Nicolas Cage in a unique role as a chef turned hermit/truffle finder. The guys share some laughs as they dive into this unique and entertaining movie now showing in select theaters. Enjoy!The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter are joined by the beloved roach in this no-holds-barred episode of catching up and complete chaos! Tiff brings her 'A' game as always and we all hope that you enjoy listening to this one as much as we enjoyed recording it!The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter are joined by friend and past guest, Colin, in this in-depth look on what to expect from amusement park experiences after their re-opening. Peter and Colin talk about Disneyland and Jim talks about Knott's Berry farm in this fun and informative episode.The Nerd Cartel
As most of you know, Jim and Peter have been involved with 9TKidZ productions and the awesome web series; Halos, Horns, and Tacos!!! Their series is being featured in the Dark Comedy Film Festival and they would LOVE your support! Pay to watch the whole festival for a super reasonable price or just $5 to watch HHT and tell the judges that it change…
Jim flies solo on this series of mini interviews at the Chubby Cheeks Meadery Pop Up event that took place on 4/25. Jim is joined by his father, Jim in this cool episode highlighting Inland Valley Sports Cards and Collectible Toys, Mead, and fun memories.The Nerd Cartel
Jima and Peter talk to the Inland Valley team, Peter and Ken. These guys are awesome and have so much knowledge on collectibles. Make sure to go see them if you are local; pop up event is happening at Chubby Cheeks Meadery on Sunday, April 25th between the hours of 12pm and 5pm.The Nerd Cartel
Jim, Peter, and Tiffany talk about one of the coolest (and only) theater experiences of 2021! That's right... Sir Nicolas Cage's epic film, Willy's Wonderland!!!! Join us for this cool cast with some good coverage, funny moments, and a few twists... Thanks for listening and remember to tell your friends about The Nerd Cartel Podcast…
Jim and Peter do a quick cast talking about Resident Evil and Jim's appearance on the new Audio Architects segment ,Spoiled Avocado! Please remember to like, love, and subscribe to all things Nerd Cartel and show this video (and all of Mike's catalogue) some love!…
Jim and Peter have been pretty busy and had a much needed catch up session on all the nerdy things in their lives before the holidays arrive! We hop you enjoy this look at some cool new (and old) stuff as Jim and Peter shoot the shit and talk some nerd.The Nerd Cartel
Jim, Peter, and Tiff have a great time discussing their latest goings on and their favorite holiday foods! Be sure to play this episode at the adult table this year... Not recommended for the kids table (unless your kids are terrible). Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving!The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter bravely fight a roach infestation (aka Tiffany came over to hang out)... Many funny moments in this catch up episode and some previews of what we have coming up on the cast in the near future. Enjoy and thank you for listening!The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter talk about some random stuff and about building their cosplay for Halloween. Mostly random stuff, but still fun. If anyone knows the name of the human on Alvin and the Chipmunks, please let us know... IT IS VERY IMPORTANTThe Nerd Cartel
The guys talk about movie delays, upcoming movies (and shows), and some other nerdy stuff. Enjoy the randomness, relax, and remember that you can hit us up on instagram (@nerdcartel) anytime with your thoughts on the episode or just to say what's up! Stay healthy and thank you for listening!The Nerd Cartel
The guys talk about a couple of cool things that are dropping soon; Mario Kart Home Circuit and the upcoming MCU series Wandavision on Disney Plus. Of course, it wouldn't be an episode without some detours! We hope that you enjoy this fun episode.The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter talk about som erecent news including the death of Black Panther Star, Chadwick Boseman; Waze navigation with Batman Voices; Cobra Kai; and much more! We hope that you enjoy this fun episode and tell all of your friends to listen and subscribe!The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter talk about The Batman Trailer and their recent meetup with punk rock band, Cadaver Pudding in this awesome episode (complete with an acoustic preview of a fun track at the end). There is also a super secret guest in this episode... Can you guess who it is? I mean, it Is a trailer ;)The Nerd Cartel
The gang talks about some of the movies and shows that were previously covered on episodes of Trailers with Tiff. Of course, it wouldn't be The Nerd Cartel without some fun tangents! Enjoy this fun filled episode and remember to subscribe!The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter talk about the randomness that our listeners have come to expect! Join the guys for this awesome episode and make sure to chime in on our instagram to tell us about the random stuff that you are up to.. Who knows, it could make the next episode!The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter are joined by friend and cereal expert, Colin Webb in this fun episode. I mean, c'mon, what is there not to like about breakfast cereal? The guys share some laughs, some funny stories, and Colin must make a choice on which cereals he would choose to spend eternity with.The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter continue their conversation with master mead maker, Jared from Chubby Cheeks Meadery. Join us for this fun and nerdy conversation and let the mead flow!!!! Be sure to follow Chubby Cheeks Meadery on Instagram and visit their tasting room in Temecula, CA.The Nerd Cartel
Jim and Peter talk to an awesome dude named Jared that makes mead! He gives us the low down on what mead is and how he came to be the proprietor of Chubby Cheeks Meadery in Temecula, Ca. Be sure to show Jared and his team some love on instagram @chubbycheeksmeadery and visit their location for safely distanced food and beverage service! (Part 2 is …
Jim and Peter are joined by Cleveland based rapper, Crazy 8 The Great. The guys listen to a few tracks from the artists catalog and prepare for his new album release, ANIM8ED. Album pre-orders start 7/21/2020 so be sure to visit @crazy8thegreat on instagram to order yours today. Every pre-order gets a free unreleased track and a chance to win sick …
Jim and Peter speculate about what this new series could have in store... The premise is excellent- just imagine any of the four turtles having to live a solitary life of revenge! Raph would be ready... Leo would be crushed by guilt... Donnie would go philisophical... And- Mikey would have to grow up to face the world alone...…
Jim and Peter talk about the coolest streaming choices to beat the summer heat. Join the guys as they pick a few shows from popular streaming services like Netflix,HBO Max, and Amazon Prime. Be sure to pop in on social media and share your choices as well! Enjoy and thank you for listening!!!The Nerd Cartel
Jim, Peter, Preston, and Sammy dive into the fourth installment of the Alien franchise. The guys talk about what they liked and what they didn't while offering some good theory and insight into what made the final version of the movie into what it did. *disclaimer* This episode also mentions milk juice and a torn meniscus...…
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