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Holy return to the 60s, Fellow Fans! Peter and Jeremy look at the two direct to video animated movies featuring the Dynamic Duo and the Princess of Plunder voiced by their original actors: Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar! Come listen as we gush about how much of nerds we are! (Pete)
So for a Christmas movie this year, we return to the John Hughes annals and find Home Alone 3 waiting for us. It's pretty derivative, honestly, and I wouldn't lie if a lot of jokes are just a repeat in this strange movie that invokes international espionage and a group of professional thieves who aren't Harry and Marv. And Kevin's no where in this.…
So who'd like to hear about a thanksgiving Decemeber. Yeah, Pete's had a busy holiday season. Hear as we talk about the John Hughes Classic, because we didn't have enough of those last (Pete)
Friends! Walkers! Bat men! Dead people! Come join us as we tell you a tale about Telltale! We shall enthrall you with tales of their company, their games, their glitches! Joining us on our tale telling is returning guest Aaron! So sit back, reboot the game for the fifth time and try and keep your save data as we tell the tales!…
Ducktales! Woo oo? Pete and Jeremy go back to the first and only Ducktales movie. Is it good? Is it exciting? Is it reminiscent of another Disney movie that came out shortly after? Find out as they solve the mystery, but no rewriting history.! (Pete)
Whatcha gonna do brother!? When controversy-mania runs wild on you!? Pete and Jeremy talk about the no longer redacted Hulk Hogan and his reinstatement into WWE’s Hall of Fame. Oh and more about Aliens Colonial Marines, because it’s the terrible game gift that keeps on (Pete)
Mega X, what took ya so long? Pete and Jeremy finally decide to watch an episode from the Ruby Spears Mega Man series! Oh and they go off on tangents about other cartoons and visual gags that no one sees because if they are anything, it's complete professionals that know how radio works! (Pete)
This episode was debated about the staff wheter or not we should publish it. So much has already been said about Channel Awesome, that our own meager opinions on the issue are almost moot at this point, but we present our discussion as it was, (Pete)
Yeah, it's been two months. We decided to invite Rob back on the show and look at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers again, and this time the five-part saga of "Green with Evil." Just how toyeitc can one evil power ranger be? Will Zordon actually hire some competent talent? Why does Rita celebrate with elderberry and oyster juice? Come listen and find ou…
So how big of Star Wars nerds are we? Can Jeremy and Pete be fooled by a trailer into seeing the new trilogy? Just how angry can they get over points? How many jabs at George Lucas can they do for the prequel series? Come give a listen as we cover the mouse's latest entry, Star Wars Episode (Pete)
So another year comes and we discuss the media we've covered this year. What worked? What didn't? How easily do we judge the DCEU? How long does Jeremy talk about the WWE? Does Pete give a favorable review for Metroid: Samus Returns? Give a (Pete)
So Christmas came a little late. We look at the worst (in Pete's opinion) of the Home Alone series, and that's saying something. Come watch the return of Kevin McCallister, without Macaulay Culkin, ...or anything that made the original (Pete)
It's Halloween... sorta. This episode came out late. But we take a look at the movie where Jason in the Friday the 13th franchise got his signature mask and debate how good or bad this one is. Are teenagers going to be killed at Crystal Lake for having beer, drugs, and pre-marital sex? If you honestly don't know the answer, you've not been listenin…
Get me pictures of that Spider Menace-... is probably what Jeremy is saying. I needed an episode off, due to being in a theatre production and all the fun that entails, so he and regular guest Aaron talk for about an hour on why they don't like Spidey's official semi-solo entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.…
Totally not how we'd describe this movie. We asked for it (and by "we" we mean Jeremy forced Pete) and now we gotta live with it! Join us as we tackle the "well it's not as bad as the first one" sequel to Burtles! BAYTURTLES 2: BAYWATCH! (Pete)
We're back to it, with a what a video game movie should be. This is Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and it's a love letter to both the original comic that spawned it, much less the world of video games. Can Scott defeat seven evil Exes, and win Ramona's heart? (Pete)
The Reunion has begun! Just in time for the 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, Pete and Jeremy tackle Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete! So to paraphrase Cid himself: sit your ass in that chair and listen to our gosh darn review! (Pete)
Still working some anime out of our system as we take a look at the Big O; a series that Cartoon Network once billed as Batman with giant robots. Are they right or is more of a just a crazy anime with giant robots. Either way, we both love (Pete)
A group of high school students, a haunted school, nightmare fuel, well that can only mean one thing: WE'RE HAVING A CORPSE PARTY! Yep, Jeremy convinced Pete to watch the first episode of Corpse Party Tortured Souls! Join our heroes as they scream and rant on Subs and Dubs! It's gonna be a buttery good time!!! .......Seriously; we spent like 10 min…
The Roaring 20's. A decade of bootlegging, partying...and Super Sentai T-Rexes? Apparently so because in this episode Pete and Jeremy tackle the animated abomination known as The Adventures of T-REX!! IT'S PODCASTIN' TIME! (Pete)
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We have for you a show filled with the most hilarious of demonic creatures: CLOWNS! Big ones! Small ones! Fat ones! GIANT ONES! Come inside and meet the cheesiest, I mean scariest, clowns you've ever seen in a B-Movie! Listen in amazement as Pete and Jeremy review: KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE!!! MWEH…
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