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Several years ago I began helping the homeless on the streets. These are the true stories of the miracles and more that have happened along the way. In addition, Jesus healed me from dying several years ago and so much more. I hope these stories inspire you to see the real Jesus. - Step Harmon (founder) Street Shepherd
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At 18 years of age Step lived in a beat up old trailer with holes in the floor, no heat, no real running water or shower, no TV ... he walked a couple miles to work and back daily. Whatever he made paid for food. He began writing lyrics and dreamed of being a rock and roll star with fame and fortune. Writing was free and since he had no TV or compu…
A homeless man found a stray dog and it followed him around. When crossing a busy street the dog got hit by a car and now walked with a limp. I asked a vet, the county animal control and others of they could help and they all said no. So I took the dog to Jesus. Which is what I wanted to do in the first place. This is what happened ...…
In his 20s and homeless he wandered the streets. He was a recovering drug addict and often would pass out and sleep on sidewalks and parks. Which is when other homeless people would steal his things. One day his brand-new skateboard, which had been a gift for him, got stolen. Would he answer with fists or forgiveness?…
Dennis was adopted, and at age 11 became a believer in Jesus at a tent meeting. Then as a teen he rebelled and got into drugs and other things. Later he became homeless. Today I met him in a small town where the first thing he said to me was "Oh, the Holy Spirit." What did God have in store for this lost son?…
He had walked from Colorado to California. He studied religions and got caught up in demons. The religious 'food court' buffet of the world had led him into darkness. God will set him free but he has a choice to make. Not all paths lead to the real God. And only Jesus is the way.
After decades of being a waitress her knees were weak and sore a lot. As I sat there at the restaurant God wanted me to listen to her share her plan to go see an acupuncturist. A few weeks later the Lord sent me back to the restaurant to get an update and her knees still hurt. Acupuncture didn't work, which I knew it wouldn't. So the Lord said 'Now…
She had once had such strong faith that she had a tattoo done to show it. Years later when a brain tumor happened she got distraught and couldn't work, sleep or function. Then God sent me to share some words from the Lord.
Far from her home in New Zealand, she sat on the sidewalk in California and drew art for people. She suffered from a physical ailment. When she spoke about it I knew God was going to heal her. Listen in for more.
Kevin worked a hard job at night but couldn't afford to rent a place. So he slept in the park during the day. He would come to our BBQs for the homeless and always request a cherry Pepsi. He seemed to be about 50 years old, so when he unexpectedly died it shocked many. The Lord reminded me who Kevin was, it was right there in a photo of him sleepin…
The homeless man rode his bike along the beachside town with a pack of chihuahuas. He got drunk to dull the pain of life but it only made it worse. Health conditions plagued him. The Lord showed me healing for the man after learning one of the dog's names, Malachi.
It was almost dusk and the sun would soon be fading on the horizon. The new little kitten had his first day out on his own. There were owls and other big cats in the neighborhood. But where was the kitten? Only God knew.
They just moved into a new home by some hills that were filled with wildlife. Their cat decided to go explore and was lost. He tried finding the cat and then surrendered to God and asked Him for help. Listen and hear what happened.
After riding up the mountain for several hours he found himself at the top but needed a way to ride down safely. He prayed for an eagle to guide him and 30 seconds later God sent one. Here is the amazing story.
You've gone to church and sat there wondering why there aren't any miracles, why the stories in the Bible seem like things that only happened to a special few people. This is why.
She had wandered more than 1,000 miles on foot, got attacked by several people along the way. Her life was hard but she had faith. But did God really care about her? She would soon find out.
At 19 years of age he tried to figure out what to do with his life. He hated the greed and lies of the world but didn't know what the truth was, if there even was truth. He started a rock and roll band, figuring it was a way to get money and girls. One night while writing songs with the drummer and getting drunk a miracle happened. The room he was …
Patty lived in her car and kept to herself. She prayed a lot, especially for others. Her food stamps were late one week and she needed food. Would God provide?
He was homeless and his feet were so blistered he could barely walk. Tyler had once been a great athlete and now could barely stand. But God wanted to rescue him. What did the future hold for him?
Her husband would beat her and she took it for years. Finally, she got up and left, walked almost 2,000 miles to the West Coast of the US. How did she do it?
Everyone ignored her as if she was invisible. To them she was s dirty, homeless old woman. God saw her, she was not invisible to him. A callous homeowner had run over her leg. What was next?
The homeless man was hit by a car and now was in a wheelchair. "Jesus will heal you," I said. He did and the man now walks and rides a bicycle just two weeks later.
The couple walked the beach despite the heavy smoke from nearby wildfires. The woman walked with an oxygen tank. As they neared the exit God had me speak to them words of life.
The group of homeless men and women, more than a dozen, all sat on the patio of the open plaza near downtown. One of them wouldn't look at me while another said that Satan was watching. But God has all authority and power.
The little boy admired a work of art showing a Cross that a homeless man had made. His parents shooed him along. A little while later the boy was in an accident and in a coma. The parents grieved and thought their son was lost. The homeless artist had a message for them.
God gave me a message to share about testimonies and why they are super important. Yet many church buildings will never ask you to share your testimony. Very odd considering what God says about them. Listen in and learn why your testimony is important. And thanks for sharing with other believers also.…
For two hours I had been speaking to a homeless man about faith. All of a sudden, another homeless man walked over complaining he didn't have his pain medication for his bad back. God had me walk over and pray and his back was healed. Faith always must be experienced, not just spoken about.
A homeless veteran wandered the streets praying to God. He had been praying the same prayers for many years. It was about to change. Suddenly at 9PM I was sent by the Holy Spirit to this small town.
The problem with many churches is they put God in a box, they limit his power by their rituals and routines. Be free and experience God without limit. (This was recorded outside on a mountain top, so you may hear some wind. But that's also a reminder to be outside and experience what God has made).
He was just 22 years old and three years into his cancer battle. He needed help. I went to the family's house to pray. The mother looked defeated. All hope seemed lost. What would Jesus do? Heal him.
Jesus says believers are to do certain things but how many churches teach them? Wake up before it is too late. You have been deceived. Do what Jesus says and experience God in ways you never have. Stop being a baby and drinking milk. Discover the real you.
Thomas had several Purple Hearts and combat medals from his time in Vietnam. Now homeless and with cancer from being sprayed with Agent Orange find out what God has in store for him.
Each week in churches across the world we hear the story of the Good Samaritan. But who believes and acts on that knowledge? Who does what Jesus says to do?
With his menacing look and tattoos, dirty two inch fingernails and clothes, he looked like he could snap any moment. Nobody spoke to him, not even other homeless people. Who was this man really?
Homeless and sleeping on the hard sidewalk nightly Lucy awakes and collects cans and bottles all over the city. She doesn't beg or steal to live. She earns everything with every step and God gives her a joy that many with mansions never receive.
He and his dog sat in the park after a fearful night of being attacked and having their stuff stolen. The attacker also tried to hurt his dog. He was done with the streets but how could he escape? God sent me to share some prophetic words. Listen and hear what God did.
Years ago he toured with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers but little did he know his own heartbreak was ahead. At about 30 years of age he sat there with the other homeless and drank. His face smiled but his heart was heavy. Would he stay trapped in the addiction and darkness?
Linda and her two dogs had nowhere to go and slept under the street lamps at night to avoid being assaulted ... the homeless shelter wouldn't take them in because of her dogs. Where would her help come from? Jesus.
22-year old Trenton wasn't supposed to drive that night. But he did and ended up in a car accident that left him in a coma. Many people were praying for him. God gave me the word that I shared with his family in a video. All hope seemed lost. What would happen next?
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