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We’re all unique! That means we can’t always follow someone else’s successful homeschool path and be guaranteed the same results. It also means we’ll probably encounter some delightful surprises and not-so-delightful struggles as we travel this homeschool journey. With nearly 20 years of homeschool experience—and an array of friends who’ve been there and done that—I have experienced many of these surprises and struggles! Even in our uniqueness, homeschoolers share common problems that have c ...
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We’ve all hit that point in the school year when we’re just not sure things are working. But how do we know if it’s bad enough to actually change our curriculum? Rebecca and the team tackle that very question in this episode.Rebecca Farris
What was the most important thing you hoped for when you started homeschooling? Join Rebecca and her team as they discuss their “most important thing” — and how it has been fulfilled or even shifted over the years.Rebecca Farris
Homeschooling has changed a lot over the years! What would it have looked like to have had today’s resources a decade ago? Rebecca and Ann share their thoughts in this episode.Rebecca Farris
Some homeschoolers are inclined to skate by on some assignments while others feel like they have to do every single problem. Does it matter how much we get done? We’ll wrestle with that question in this episode.Rebecca Farris
Wouldn’t it be nice if our planners magically turned us into perfectly organized people? Since they don’t, we have to rely on our diligence to use them well. Join us as I share my top tips for staying motivated to plan.Rebecca Farris
We all want our students to grow in independence with their school work. But how do we make that happen? Join in as we discuss some tips for when and how to help your student learn to work independently.Rebecca Farris
Good record-keeping is a must in homeschooling, but it can be overwhelming if we get behind. Join in as we talk about building in a habit of recording so we don't find ourselves falling behind.Rebecca Farris
There aren't a lot of guarantees when it comes to parenting. But when we give our children the gift of autonomy, we guarantee their potential for success. Join us as we discuss what this looks like practically.Rebecca Farris
Do you have any back-to-school traditions? Or do you perhaps feel guilty because you don’t have any? In this podcast, Rebecca’s whole team gets together to chat about what it looks like to head back to school each year.Rebecca Farris
Homeschooling, home management, appointments — we juggle it all and still need to get meals on the table every day! In this podcast, we’ll look at some tips for staying on top of the meal planning so you can keep juggling all of the other balls a little more easily!Rebecca Farris
Do you hate messy learning as much as I do? We may not like science experiments or messy learning, but our children need it. In this podcast, we’ll talk about how to handle messy learning.Rebecca Farris
Once upon a time, socialization was a genuine challenge for homeschoolers. Not these days! We’ll talk about how to make sure that homeschooling remains a priority, even as we get back to socialization opportunities.Rebecca Farris
The summer brain slump is real, but you don’t have to school year-round to combat it. In this podcast, we’ll chat about ways to keep learning alive without compromising the joys of summer fun!Rebecca Farris
Entrepreneurship is a hot topic among homeschoolers, especially in this gig economy. But is it right for your student? We’ll spend this podcast session talking about how to know if your child is on an entrepreneurial path.Rebecca Farris
The philosophies of Charlotte Mason have had a tremendous impact on multiple generations of homeschoolers. But, what exactly is Charlotte Mason? We’ll consider that question in this podcast.Rebecca Farris
History is often taught with a thematic focus. But what if it were taught chronologically instead? In this podcast, we’ll consider the benefits of teaching through a 4-year history cycle.Rebecca Farris
As a mom and homeschool teacher, you’re pulled in so many different directions. How can you make sure that you have what it takes to give your students your best each and every day. Join me as we talk through three helpful strategies.Rebecca Farris
Interruptions to homeschooling are inevitable. But your response to them will determine whether they derail your day or are managed well. Listen in as we talk through what it means to manage interruptions well.Rebecca Farris
Most people are not natural planners. Even the most planner-loving people have to learn how to plan. In this episode, we’ll walk through a three-step process that can help you learn how to become a planner.Rebecca Farris
Is it really possible to homeschool those early years when you also have very needy little ones? YES! In this podcast, we’ll walk through some ideas and suggestions for you to try on for size as you figure out your unique family needs.Rebecca Farris
When struggles arise in homeschooling, we often look for ways to label those struggles. But, is that the wisest choice? In this podcast, we’ll consider the difference between labeling struggles and finding solutions to those struggles.Rebecca Farris
When it comes to homeschooling, there are many valid philosophies. But there are also a lot of temporary fads, some of which can be more harmful than helpful. In this podcast we’ll take a look at several of the most popular philosophies and fads.Rebecca Farris
What is a routine? What does a workable schedule look like? How do I know what to include? Where do I even start? In this podcast, we’ll talk through the foundational steps that are necessary for creating a successful schedule.Rebecca Farris
After nearly twenty years of homeschooling, I’ve learned a great deal, including ways I would do things differently if I had it to do all over again! In this podcast, I share how five of those lessons have changed the way I view homeschooling.Rebecca Farris
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