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We are a relational, Bible based, Christ centered, and Spirit filled church. Our desire is to have you as our guest. Come just as you are and make yourself at home. We would love to get you connected with other people, but more than that, get you connected with God in a very intimate and personal way. Hope to see you soon.
New Heights Community Church Official Media Page Welcome To The New Heights "Official" Facebook Media Page. Have Questions? Need Help? Want More Info? If you have any Questions, "About Our Media" Please Feel Free To Contact us, on Facebook,the church's website, or call the church. New Heights Community Church. (734) 287-7100 We are SERVANTS... We are LEADERS... We are FAMILY... We are FRIENDS.. Worship: At NHCC you can expect our worship services to be a dynamic, pentecostal experience. Free ...
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"Shocking Turn of Events - Judas Betrays His Rabbi" is the fifty-fifth sermon in this series. Jesus is arrested upon the betrayal by Judas Iscariot. In great irony, He identifies Jesus to be arrested by kissing Him and a commotion ensues.Pastor Will Basham
"Witnesses Claim Jesus is Under Great Distress" is the fifty-fourth sermon in this series. Jesus comes under great anxiety and distress in the Garden of Gethsemane. He prays to the Father that the cup of wrath be removed from Him. Nevertheless, He submits to the will of the Father as His hour of arrest comes.…
Mark and David sit down to talk about why discussing gender and sexuality as a church is important. They also tackle other difficult questions surrounding the topic of gender and sexuality through the lens of the Bible.David Whiting, Mark Hartley
"Stories of a Savior" is our sermon series through Mark. "Predictions of Denial" is the fifty-third sermon in this series. Jesus prophesies that His disciples will flee when He is arrested and crucified. This is shocking news to them and they wonder how it could be true. They express their devotion to their master in these final hours. If you made …
"Jesus Begins a New Tradition" is the fifty-second sermon in this series. At the Last Supper Jesus instituted what we commonly now call communion. This tradition of the church looks back to Jesus’ death, celebrates His presence among His church, and anticipates His return.Pastor Will Basham
"Jesus and His Twelve Celebrate Passover Locally" is the fifty-first sermon in this series. Jesus gathers His disciples in an upper guest room to eat the Passover meal together, famously known as the last supper. Jesus reveals His knowledge of His coming betrayal and tells His disciples more details of how His arrest will come to pass.…
"Jesus Anointed in Small Ceremony in Bethany" is the fiftieth sermon in this series. Jesus gathers with his disciples once again in the presence of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. At this dinner in Bethany, Mary anoints Jesus for his upcoming burial with an alabaster flask of costly nard ointment.Pastor Will Basham
"Jesus Advises Staying Alert Until the End" is the forty-ninth sermon in this series. Jesus continues His teaching on the Mount of Olives to His disciples about the coming destruction and tribulation and He also alludes to the comfort believers can have about His second coming.Pastor Jeremy Berry
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