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This is an episode on abortion. Does God reveal his truth from scripture, or is humanity right with their notion of family planning? Please send this out to everyone you know. Life depends on this truth. Support the showJoshua Capilla
This podcast is very special. Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation. We as Christians forgive unconditionally, but reconciliation is very different. The next episode will discuss boundaries and reconciliation. Do not get bogged down with pampering psychology. Psychology has a place, but Satan can use it to keep you in that place. Remember, our p…
Pastor Joshua explains the real reason for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! Contrary to society, We believe in the trinity. Jesus is the son of God and God at the same time. Satan wants to destroy the historical Jesus and replace him with a post-modern one. Support the showJoshua Capilla
In this episode, I play a soundbite of Dave Ramsey reducing human beings to market adjustments in real estate. I am not a fan of Dave for many reasons. We need to continue to pray for people using the Bible for unjust purposes. The Bible is not a text to get rich! Support the showJoshua Capilla
The time is near for Jesus Christ's return. The decline of America's moral fabric is under attack. The average Christian is too comfortable in their sin. Politicians are corrupt along with many church leaders who refuse to preach the real Gospel. I am sounding the alarm! Support the show ($TheBiblespeaks)…
Intro to Sodom and Gomorrah. The truth will set you free. Please donate if your heart leads you too. Political correctness has run rampant in the church.Feminism, and a corruption of egalitarianism, in reference spiritual equality has been misconstrued in respect to gifts. The church needs to stand strong because Satan is assaulting the church with…
We continue chapter 2 in Genesis. Lets dive deep into God's Word together! Please share podcast. God is totally awesome! Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: 2P43Q6FTSLYUTMGL Support the show ($TheBiblespeaks)Joshua Capilla
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