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Heritage Baptist Church exists by the grace of God and for the glory of God, which is the ultimate purpose of all our activities. We seek to glorify the God of Scripture by promoting His worship, edifying and equipping the saints, evangelizing the nations, planting and strengthening churches, calling other assemblies to biblical faithfulness and purity, encouraging biblical fellowship among believers and ministering to the needy, thus proclaiming and defending God’s perfect law and glorious ...
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The Apostle Peter stands up to address the Israelites at the coming of the Holy Spirit. What follows is an exposition of the Israelites sin, and a scandalous offer of grace. Pastor Mpumelelo takes us through this passage and shows us that the offer of forgiveness is for all who are laden with guilt.
The great day of Pentecost arrived in Acts 2. What does it mean? Should we expect another day or event like it? How should we live in light of it? Pastor Mpumelelo unpacks the significance of this great day in Christian History and its implications for us.
Luke details for us the names of the first Christian church, the original witnesses to the resurrection as well as their replacement of Judas. From this account, Pastor Mpumelelo shows us that Christianity is founded upon real events that really happened with credible witnesses who testify to them,
Who is Jesus Christ? From about Chapter one of Luke to its climax in chapter 9, Luke puts together evidence from historical records, the old testament and eyewitness accounts that thoroughly answer the question as to Jesus’ identity. Pastor Mpumelelo gives us an overview of Jesus' identity as we begin a series in Acts 1.…
Why do Christians allow themselves to be spiritually abused? Over the past few years, we have seen "prophets" feed people rat poison and petrol. Why do they allow this? Pastor Michael examines the nature of the Corinthians' acceptance of spiritual in this instalment of our series in 2 Corinthians.
How are we to handle false teaching among us? What responsibilities do church members have in keeping the purity of the church? Pastor Michael shows us from Paul's admonition that we should be serious about separating from those who claim Christ but teach heresy.
In the midst of giving qualifications for deacons, the Apostle Paul gives qualifications for a certain group of women. Who are these women? How do they serve the church? In this final instalment on our short series on the office of deacon, Pastor Mpumelelo unpacks this text and encourages the women in our congregation to faithful service.…
The Apostle Paul tells us the qualifications of the New Testament Deacon. But who are the deacons? What functions do they perform? Why do we need them? How do we know whom should we as a church elect to be a deacon? How should we elect these people to be deacons? In this first of two messages on deacons, Pastor Mpumelelo explores Paul's instruction…
Have you suffered at the hands of evil people? Do you wonder what God is doing amid rampant and continuing evil? In this second instalment of our series in Habakkuk, Pastor Mpumelelo shows us God's answer to Habakkuk as he grapples with these questions.
How are we to live when there is unbridled chaos and sin around us? How are we to live when God seemingly does not answer our prayers? In this first installment of our series in Habakkuk, Pastor Mpumelelo answers these questions from Habakkuk's first complaint.
In this Good Friday message from Hebrews 10 Pastor Mpumelelo shows us the effectiveness of our Lord's death for atonement. His death actually unites people back to God. It is superior to all other efforts at appeasing the conscience, erasing guilt, and atoning for sin.
Increasingly the world is less and less prone to bear and be patient with others. More often than not, people are quick to be irritated at each other and deal with each other in harsh ways. In this text Pastor Mpumelelo shows us that Christians are to bear with each other patiently with humility and gentleness.…
In 2 Samuel 13 we are told that Amnon desired his sister Tamar. The gruesome and despicable acts that followed show what happens when a desire forbidden by God is nurtured and not killed. Pastor Mpumelelo exhorts us from this passage to examine our desires in light of God's Word.
What was Jesus' life before He became a man? Does the Bible say anything about His personality, what He did and how He acted? Pastor Mpumelelo takes us through the Scriptures testimony of the life of Jesus Christ before he became flesh.
On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg's castle church, starting a theological fire that would engulf the world in subsequent generations. Pastor Mpumelelo shows us from Colossians 3:1-17 why it is crucial for us to believe the correct gospel.
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