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Changing the narrative surrounding masculinity and mens mental health by getting men talking. In this podcast we show the strength in vulnerability by openly discussing a range of topics. Some interviewees change the narrative within their area of expertise, and others open up about their personal stories and traumas.
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George shares his traumatic experiences as a domestic abuse victim, his periods of drug dependancy and homelessness. From PTSD to depression and suicidal thoughts, Georges mental health story has shaped who he is today.George talks about how Samaritans...Araminta Sheridan
Did you know that yoga was initially developed as a male practice? I talk to one of London's best yoga teachers, and Pyscle's Head of Yoga, Chris Magee. Chris talks about his journey into yoga, how the practice helps him maintain mental and physical...Araminta Sheridan
When Al Casey opened up about his mental health vulnerabilities midway through a practical joke on a platform followed by over 15 million people collectively on social media, he opened himself up to a whole new world of conversations. Al, Ollie, Woody,...Araminta Sheridan
In this episode you will discover a new way of thinking about mental health help,. Dr Joseph Cleasby is relatable, thoughtful and easy to talk to and is here to show you that you deserve a helping hand as much as anyone else. Watch out for his book...Araminta Sheridan
In this episode I talk to NHS psychiatric doctor and co-founder of Minderful, Dr Nicky P about his career so far and the experience that has lead to the launch of mental fitness platform, Minderful.Dr Nicky P talks about his journey with bi-polar, a new...Araminta Sheridan
I thought it would be appropriate to start this podcast with the person who acted as my sounding board when I started Lets Get Men Talking over on Instagram two years ago. We spoke about mens mental health almost daily, and how we could create...Araminta Sheridan
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