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A couple of Dads with life experience and comic savvy to tackle all kinds of subjects. Kids, we got 'em. Homes, we maintain them. Wives, check. Cars, yeah, we drive, we fix, we break them. Music, yeah, we're into music. Projects, we do them. Holidays, we celebrate them. Animals, of course, there's dogs, cats, fish, you name it. Tag along with us as we explore, tell stories and laugh about life's predicaments. What's your interest?
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This week Foo gushes about his new whole house fan and talks about his hefty micro management of the system to maximize his cooling and electrical usage, when someone living in your house goes to Florida what do you do? Have you overpaid for a steak? Plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week the guys talk about the current state of covid, vaccines, and the return to offices, Gym talks about Charity Shop, Auction cars and Copart, doing projects that you're afraid to do, Foo has another disaster that hoses him, plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week Foo grapples with being alone but with a caveat, Foo gives photo assignments to his kids, the guys realize how versatile Gym's famous dip is, Foo questions the soul stone's return process, Gym has an annoying viewing of Black Widow, Foo unclogs things, plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
The guys are mortified at the upcoming weather forecast, Foo is going all in on cooling efficiency, agency control of your smart thermostat?, Sad Dads do 4th of July, Foo takes his holiday but has the guilty conscious, the law of things that could could go wrong do and the guys are sad, Gym burns then scrapes the burn off and is sad, plus more.…
This week's discussion kicks off with some nostalgic talk about the evolution of our car's audio setups, the challenges of upgrading audio systems in some modern cars, they discuss some cars from the Fast and Furious movie series, Gym really wants a lift in his garage, Foo remote controls his misters, The Evergiven's unfinished sailing, plus more!…
This week the guys revisit some talk from last week regarding the epiphany of Hondas not always needing an oil filter change, Foo offers help to his daughter's friend and her Jeep, Miata braided brake lines, brake pads make a difference, Foo finally installs the misters, Haulover Inlet! Plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week we have special guest Dave Sampson back in the studio, Gym reports on his 50th surprise birthday party, the guys talk misters, Dave deep dives on oil filters and Gym learns a thing, Dave talks about major part shortages, Dave talks about the benefits of an LLC, some UFO chat, plus more!Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week the Sad Dads talk about Doug DeMuro, Gym performs 3 oil changes and has a challenge, how to recycle used oil and old coolant, a mixed bag of car stories, Gym drives a Dodge Charger HEMI, hour stories of YouTuber who wreck cars for fun, Foo has issues with where to install his yard misters, plus more!…
This week the guys help a friend move from Sacramento to Santa Rosa (Good luck, Sara!), how many farts are in your seats, a lengthy drive in Will's Tesla Model 3, Foo pushes a car at Superman speeds, Gym hits Rodeo Beach, Gym installs a new pool, Foo talks mister systems and solar yard lights, who hasn't needed their headlights cleaned? Plus more!…
This week the guys talk about another mass shooting and try to make sense, Foo's dad has a new tractor, Foo chooses a car to make available for his daughter, the disappearance of manual transmissions, Gym troubleshoots his daughter's A/C system and you can too!Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week the guys talk about YouTube demonetization based on language and Twitch pulling ad revenue, a Sunday of work on ____, why is there more dirt left after refilling the hole? Foo's wife buys a wheelbarrow, Gym's wife almost dies/gets murdered, you should have these in your care kit, plus more.…
You ever go back from PTO a day early? Foo does. Gym and Foo attend a surprise party, Foo's clothes hangers get swapped out, scary career changing when you get older, gas shortage, Gym has an HVAC problem with a simple solution, Gym flushes Melly's Forester cooling system, plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week the guys profess that it's grilling season at the Sad Dad's pads, importing GTRs, Piper gets her license, Gym rescues a runaway dog with a twist (please chip your dogs), backyard woes and the desire for a pool, plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
Tonight's show delayed slightly for a minor vehicle breakdown and recovery which includes the necessity of knowing your car, Internet phone scammers, there is no substitution for experience, Foo makes refried beans, Gym holds back on tamales, living with vegetarians, family recipes, plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week the guys talk about yard projects. Gym is inspired by YouTuber "Haxman" in a yard lighting project. Foo is doing similar, if not more extensive, projects. Follow along as the guys talk about irrigation woes and Gym talks about his B-Hyve SMART sprinkler timer. Pools are an unfindable thing right now. Foo wants to talk about the Vaccine. P…
This week Foo circles back on the Donner Party discussion, what do you consider satisfying work?, do you recycle?, assembling the patio furniture, Gym's internet upgrade and issues, Foo gets a delivery, psych, and more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week the guys tackle digital photo libraries and memories fed to you in everyday app usage, Gym has a social media idea geared towards dogs (, Foo troubleshoots his RV furnace and brings Zander along for the ride, Foo talks about Netflix documentary, 'The Lost Pirate Kingdom' plus more.…
This week, while swatting mosquitos, the guys tackle interesting communication dynamics with your own kids, there's a deep dive into the Marvel Universe from the perspective of someone who has just started watching the cinematic series and Gym learns about amiibos, plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week the guys are all over some carry over watch talk from last week, what going back to the office means for your pets, Foo's anxiety over leaving the dogs home, tutoring math and some parental expectations, plus more.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
The guys warmly welcome back Dave Sampson! This is a fun filled show with all kinds of conversation. Topics covered: smokey noms, big kid toys, vaccines, returning to office life, custom suits, EVs, wrist watches... plus much more!Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week our friends, Mike and Angie, aka Zombie and Dragon, show up and we grill Mike about his knee, we get an update on the problems in their new Lennar home, no one is going anywhere, Mike talks about getting his vaccine, Foo gets the munchies, what YouTube do you watch? Plus much more!Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week the guys would like to thank our listeners! Thank You! Also, Gym and Foo reveal one of their annoying constant home repairs, someone has extra pickets, Boba Tea, thanks and shout out to Insta Brands customer service, Foo fails a delivery service, hot sauces, $700 pants... plus more!Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
In this week's show Foo dabbles in some legal gummys and Gym shares his own experiences, Foo talks about Valentine's Day gifts, RU4WILL bags (well are you?), Gym has a CATastrophe in his house in a couple ways, how expensive can snowboarding get and the guys get some ideas on how to pay for it.Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
This week Gym talks about moving his daughter out of her apartment, the guys address the work from home elephant in the room, Foo finally intakes Schitt's Creek and he's better off for it, let's go snowboarding, plus more!Gym and Foo: Sad Dads
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