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- Always Referring to Sides of a Building as the North, South, or West Side. - Purposefully Leave $20 Bills in Your Jackets to Find Later.- Wearing a Grey Crewneck of a College You Don’t Go to at the Bar. - Grinding on Chess for 10+ Years Just So You Can Introduce Yourself as, ”Grand Master ***Insert Name***”…
- Keeping Multiple Tubes of Hair Gel Around Town at Places You Pregame. - Keeping a Football Tucked Under Your Arm at Social Functions.- Get a Job Just for the Emplyee Discount. - Binoculars at Games.- James Woods in Casino. - Chop Breakdown.Could Be The Move
- Parallel Park Chirp. - Long Pause Mid-Convo. - Send All Caps Emails at Work Until You Get Fired. - Force Someone to be the Designated Driver (Rd. 2).- Fill Your Water Bottle by Ear and Take Great Pride In it.Could Be The Move
- Putting Your Camera Really Low on Your Desk So Everyone Has to Look up to You. - Under Promising and Over Delivering. ("Sorry Can't Make It." Show Up with a Twelver.)- Aggressively Cracking All of Your Knuckles In a Silent Moment. - Glass of Water From Home. - "The Dad Key Toss."- Workout Phone + Koozie. Pocket.…
- The Persistent Clap. - Paying With a Card and Walking Away Before It's Accepted.- Jake's Chipotle Hack. - Flirting With a Server a Date. Couple Errors: The basketball player I was referring to was Chris Douglas Roberts, not Michael Douglas Roberts. The kicker I was referring to was Gary Anderson not Morten Anderson.…
- Utilizing Smelling Salts More in Society.- Urinal in Your House. - Retiring From Fantasy Football When Your Team Gets Smoked in the Playoffs... Then Coming Out of Retirement 6 Months Later.Could Be The Move
- Uggz For Men. - Picking Up a Sunday Dozen. - Buy a Stock High and Sell It Low. (Learn a Lesson in Humility.) - Tax Evasion. - Walking Around the House at Night with a Head Lamp.- Lead a Business Meeting From the Bathroom.Could Be The Move
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