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Britannie Sheree is a dark history tour guide and comedian in New Orleans. She's had a handful of supernatural encounters, including one in a hostel where she worked and lived. Find Brittanie on, and follow her @iBrittanieBitch. And as always: Subscribe! Rate! Review! And consider preordering my book One Day Smarter!…
MK was a teen who couldn't sleep because of the weird stuff that happened in her house. When she goes off to college and then travels the world, she realizes it isn't the house that's haunted. It's her. To learn more about MK Doherty, follow her on IG @MK_Doherty_Art. And if you're feeling kind, please preorder my trivia book One Day Smarter!…
Stolen keys, broken locks, unexplained footprints, bizarre art, holes in the floor, mystery guests on the property, and someone following him out of town — did Pete and his wife escape an airbnb murder house last week, or was it all a coicidence?
The pod returns! In the first episode of Season 3, I interview comedian Mike Brody, who toured with the Ghost Hunters guys for ten years. Along the way, he befriended a Catholic demonologist, who communicated with spirits in his presence.
Chicago comedian Jon Torres spent his early 20s living on the site of a tragic plane crash in Illinois. But he didn't know that when he moved in... Thanks for listening to Comedians with Ghost Stories Season 2. Season 3 kicks off in January, 2021. Please rate, review, and tell your pals. You can follow Jon @jon__torres and Emily @EmilyMcWinter. Her…
Simone Norman voices Eleanor on the CBS show Tooning Out the News. She's had a few supernatural encounters and recently discovered (drum roll) she's a friggin psychic. This episode rules. Follow Simone @whysimonewhy on Twitter and @localhunny on IG.
Comedian Ashley Brooke Roberts shares tales from possessed and dead relatives in this chilling episode of Comedians with Ghost Stories. ABR writes for NPR's "Ask Me Another" (with me!) and teaches comedy to kids. Check out her website at
Charlie Vero-Martin worked at Mary King's Close, an abandoned, underground town in Edinburgh. In this episode, she recalls some bone-chilling stories from behind the curtain. Follow Charlie on Twitter @CharlieVMartin.
Two comedians in Brooklyn encounter the same ghost in Windsor Terrace, and one has photographic evidence. Plus, other stories from Veronica Garza. Check out the photos on @EmilyMcWinter on IG and Twitter.
Adam moves to a new house, where something... and someone... are hiding in his closet. Adam Mamawala is a standup comic who has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, BET, SiriusXM, and SeeSo and has headlined over 200 colleges across more than 35 states.
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