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Carlos and Cyndy teach us to identify the difference in the manner in which the "double l" and "y" letters are pronounced in Colombia versus Argentina, with several examples.Yabla Europe other shooter
When Doctor Consejos [Advice] fails to notice any improvement in her patient, Ander, she tries a new strategy in which she presents him with several hypothetical situations that can help Yabla students understand the second conditional in Spanish as well.yabla
Through an entertaining dialogue between Doctor Consejos [Advice] from El Aula Azul and her patient, Ander, about his terrible week, we see several examples of the "no fault construction" with the impersonal pronoun "se."yabla
Carlos explains to us in detail the imperative of the first person plural with many examples as well as providing us with the conjugations for several reflexive verbs.Yabla Europe other shooter
Arianna prepares the ingredients for the panzanella and stresses that this recipe is easily adaptable to personal tastes. You can't really go wrong. It's also a great recipe for anyone to make while vacationing in Italy, since it's so simple.Yabla Europe other shooter
You can get away from it all just an hour away from Paris by visiting Sandra's alternative accommodation in Arbonne-la-Forêt. You can choose between a tree house or a cottage in the heart of the forest and enjoy the wildlife. There's no public lighting, so the animals won't be disturbed.yabla
Demonstrative adjectives can also be used as demonstrative pronouns. Daniela explains how that works, and also discusses how to use an apostrophe when the noun following the demonstrative adjective starts with a vowel.Yabla Europe other shooter
After Philip's baptism, there is a banquet with typical Sicilian food, and favors for the guests. And there also happens to be a stunning view of Palermo from the convent or monastery hosting the party.Yabla Europe shot by Alex
Daniela explains how to use the demonstrative adjectives questo and quello [this and that]. She also tells us about a third demonstrative adjective that, these days, is used only in Tuscany: codesto.Yabla Europe other shooter
Tina interviews Mirja Löhr, the director of the company Ekomo. The start-up has created a heating system that works using induction and can therefore be much more sustainable than heating with oil or gas.Yabla Europe shot by Alex
Tina interviews Sven Siegrist, a professional photographer. Sven and his wife mainly do wedding photography, covering the preparations, the ceremony itself, a photo shoot with the couple, and the festivities.Yabla Europe shot by Alex
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