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Steve and Adam Van Wie are Certified Financial Planners™ in Jacksonville Beach, FL who operate the independent, fee-only RIA firm, Van Wie Financial. Steve and Adam have more than 20 years of experience in the financial planning field, and over 50 years of combined business experience. Every Saturday they do a live, call-in radio show on WBOB AM 600 and FM 101.1 in the Jacksonville, FL market called the Van Wie Financial Hour. Call the show between 10 and 11 AM ET at 904.222.8255 to get your ...
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Adam brings us the latest news on the market and reminds us that the Dow Jones is not always the best indicator for market health. Steve stumps callers with his weekly trivia question featuring the price of turkey while educating us on buying dividends.Van Wie Financial
Questions were raised about Johnson & Johnson's announcement last week and what it could mean for investors. Steve updates us on the goings-on with Medicare while inflation is still a hot topic for our financial gurus.Van Wie Financial
Tune in for the latest from the gurus of finance as they make finance easier to understand one episode at a time! Adam updates us about the increase in wages for restaurant employees while Steve boggles the mind with his weekly trivia question!Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve are live every Saturday at 10 AM ET, talking about the finance industry and helping people one show at a time. A few callers ask some good questions such as, how did you get into finance, and what is a SPAC? Tune in to hear the answers and much more!Van Wie Financial
The Van Wie Financial hour brings us the latest on inflation, whether it be obvious or subtle! This week a caller wants to know if the logistics problem is driven by politics, the lack of drivers, the lack of workers at the ports, or something else.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve welcome two guests for this week's show to talk about a different side of finance. Adam is on-site in Ohio with Craig Beachler & Nick DiBlasi at Juno DTS LLC, a manufacturing company. Nick explains how he became the co-founder of Juno DTS LLC and how he and Craig obtained venture capital to get Juno DTS up and running during the Covi…
Adam and Steve pose an interesting trivia question that gets the listeners calling in! Some want to know about building portfolios, timing the market, bitcoin mining, and if the wash rule affects IRA’s or Roth IRA’s RMDs. Everyone takes a stab at the trivia, but the answer will surprise you.Van Wie Financial
Steve tells us where to find up to 3 billion dollars of missing money from accounts that you might have forgotten. They also discuss the Consumer Price index, or CPI for short, and how it is manipulated, and where to get more realistic numbers.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve bring us the latest on financial and economic changes. Steve brings it home from his prediction last week on the jobs report, while Adam highlights just how much a sold-out football stadium helps the local economy.Van Wie Financial
To celebrate Financial Awareness Day, Adam and Steve give us the truth on inflation and the workforce. Consistent listener Mike mentions the downside of buying individual technology stocks and Adam informs us of an important event in November 2021.Van Wie Financial
This week we learn that a long-time friend, Joe Pippen, has passed away. One caller expresses his remorse at the unexpected news and another caller asks an interesting question about NASDAQ listing requirements.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve bring us up to date on how the market is playing out while the USA is bringing home medals at the 2021 Olympics. A caller wants to know if the possibility of COVID vaccine passports is signaling bad times ahead and Steve updates us on Social Security.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve bring us the latest on the market and a fun fact about cryptocurrency. A caller wants to know about a new method that has been circulating for not paying taxes on deferred compensation, and Steve gives us more information on the new child tax credit.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve explain the market trends for the week and what that means for us. A caller wants to know more about the Theil ROTH IRA and Steve gives us an in-depth look back to an email written by Van Wie Financial at the height of the COVID 19 crisis.Van Wie Financial
Steve and Adam come to you live from their studio in Jacksonville, FL, to discuss a variety of financial topics and answer your financial questions. This week, Adam profiles Peter Theil, who happened to be in the news after it was disclosed he has a Roth IRA worth $5 billion dollars!Van Wie Financial
Adam calls in from Costa Rica and updates us on the market for the past week and highlights another rags to riches millionaire. Steve shares the new requirements for RMDs and helps prep for hurricane season.Van Wie Financial
Adam phones in the market research from vacation and tells us about the rise in vacation goers. A caller wants to know if Florida, but more specifically Jacksonville, will be able to handle the influx of people moving here...Van Wie Financial
Adam gives us the rundown on the market and the lack of volatility during summer vacation. Jobs are on the rise and a caller asks about the hype around bitcoin. Another caller wants to know about the consequences of the eviction ban on the economy.Van Wie Financial
Steve recruits Elizabeth Cabbage, long-term care specialist, to help him host this week's radio show. Steve fills us in on the market and Elizabeth enlightens us on the different types of long-term care insurance plans.Van Wie Financial
Join Adam and Steve as the cover changes in the market and update us on the benefits of Jacksonville. Steve talks about the fight against tax increases and Adam shares the story of this week's American-made billionaire.Van Wie Financial
Join Adam and Steve as they discuss the market in the first week of May and answer a caller's question about inflation. While Covid remains, schools are still closed but what's this about more free childcare? Adam talks about another individual in the "Who Am I?" series and Steve gives us an update on the Secure Act 2.0.…
Adam gives us the rundown of the market for the month of April and Steve has us scratching our heads with this week's trivia question. Callers talk about how the labor shortages are affecting them and Adam gives us another American success story.Van Wie Financial
This week, tune in to The Van Wie Financial hour to listen to Adam and Steve talk about the market and the price of lumber. On this show, callers always go to the head of the line, and this week several people wanted to praise the show, talk about housing prices, and ask about AI involvement in foreign markets.…
Adam and Steve discuss how the market performed during the week and the interesting state of the job market. They answer a client's question about inflation, considering a variety of different market forces at work. One caller wants to know how to invest in I-bonds and another gives an interesting update for AI.…
Adam and Steve cover the market for the past week and dive into another, as Steve calls it, "Who am I?" billionaire. Media coverage of female CPF® exaggerates the criticism females in the industry get compared to their male counterparts. One caller wanted to know if any changes will be made to the treatment of advisor fees on tax forms while anothe…
Adam and Steve cover the rollercoaster of a week the market had and touch on the next Covid relief bill. With the consumer gravitating towards cleaner energy, Adam and Steve talk about GM's plan to be all-electric by 2035 and how this change affects the market.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve discuss the rise in interest rates and their relation to the market. Steve tells us about the implications of the new tax laws on the younger generation and potential cost basis change the new administration is not talking about.Van Wie Financial
This week, Adam and Steve share their analysis of the market and how our economy is doing with the distribution of COVID vaccines. A caller asks about reverse stock splits, and you will be surprised to know how many billionaires have been created during COVID.Van Wie Financial
This week, Steve recounts the very first airing of the Van Wie Financial Hour 7 years ago and Adam goes over the big week in the market. Adam introduces a new and exciting segment, "Who am I?". Inspired by a past caller, he dives into the American dream and the success stories for several wealthy immigrants.…
Adam and Steve go over the market changes for the week and a caller praises them for a wonderful show. Adam goes over the rise in Gamestop and the guys tackle a caller's question about the sort and long term effects of a company being added to the NASDAQ.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve discuss how the market ignored the events of this week and steadily climbed to start 2021 on a good note. A caller wants to know how to provide for his grandchildren and keep control of the money. Adam explains the ramifications of repealing the Trump tax cuts.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve go over the market for the last time in 2020 and reminisce on the past 7 years of the Van Wie Financial Hour. A couple of callers ask about the financial impact of the election and voter fraud.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve remark on the uptick in the market and discuss how the economy will be impacted by the January 5th election in Georgia. Student debt is a hot topic, especially when you ask who pays for it, and a caller asks for more information about the SA 44 form.Van Wie Financial
Adam and Steve discuss the "flat" week in the market, answer a caller's question about form SA 44, and discuss inflation rearing its head. Housing and real estate investments are both hot topics and the things to know before you put money on a "sure thing".Van Wie Financial
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