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Two years ago, Vox Church stepped into an important season of generosity. As we conclude our Wake My Heart campaign, many of us have been stretched beyond what we thought possible. What is God up to in the midst of the stretch?Vox Church
Are you worn down? Are you stressed? What if the problem behind your stress has less to do with your situation and more to do with your way of seeing the world? Is it possible to find a rest that works?Vox Church
Do you know how to hear the voice of God? Does He speak to you personally? Hearing God is one of the more challenging and often misunderstood aspects of faith. Part Four of Bury Your Ordinary provides practical direction to hear God speak.Vox Church
Habit 2 is the habit of radiance. This habit explores the power of grace, and how grace on the inside always radiates and impacts the world around you. How should Christians share their faith? What does it look like in our cultural context?Vox Church
Habit One is the habit of RELATIONSHIP. How do you make relationship with God the center of your life? How can you redirect the passion of your heart toward a relationship with God? The first step is to decide to make room.Vox Church
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