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Appreciating wine isn’t just about how it tastes or being able to talk about tannins and “mouthfeel.” It’s about the stories, the people, and the places behind each bottle. That’s what Slate Wine Club is all about. Join Slate Money host Felix Salmon for conversations with some of the world’s best winemakers. We’ve partnered with the talented craftsmen you’ll hear on this show to deliver their premium wines right to your door. Ordering is easy, just text SLATE to 878-777-5283 to set up your f ...
PRESS PLAY is a channel that is dedicated to supplying content that helps lighten the load of life through a comedic take on all things in pop culture. Please note that there is a true slant of levity in all things we say and do and you are welcomed to take part, leave comments and suggestions, but most of all smile and PRESS PLAY. Two guys, father and son, talking about our favorite movies.
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