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DJ Thomas Ryan

DJ Thomas Ryan

DJ Thomas Ryan

Thomas Ryan burst into the scene with his deep-driven passion to share his love for music with others. Specializing in driving rhythms, pulsing tribal beats, and soulful vocal house, his versatility definitely doesn't stop there -- Ryan is rewarded by working hard to earn the respect of fans from all walks of life.
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She's a vocal powerhouse with an incredible journey - from a family of 10 to a platform to speak into the lives of so many. We talk learning to 'project' her voice at the dinner table, finding the courage to say she needed help, and her latest powerful song - 'I'll Be Ok'.Faith Radio Network
A supremely gifted funnyman with a one of a kind story shares his journey from the Middle East to California, why he believes we spend too much time imagining every bad scenario possible in our lives, and how his unique journey shapes his view of America.Faith Radio Network
The debut artist who's taken radio by storm this year shares the tragic loss that led her to great purpose, the beautiful farm that sparks her creativity, her affection for all things Johnny Cash, & her dreams of someday reaching the planet Saturn!Faith Radio Network
It's a fresh and countercultural second look at failure. Ryan Leak says that "Chasing Failure" has brought him to far greater heights than chasing success ever did. Hear his story of a an unforgettable NBA tryout, the three minutes that were both his greatest embarrassment and greatest lesson, and so much more.…
The prolific author of twenty one New York TImes bestsellers takes us inside his latest. Jerry has crafted a companion novelization to the groundbreaking television series "The Chosen". We explore the one of a kind tale of the series - which has become the largest crowdfunded media effort in history, and get inside the heart of his book, "The Chose…
Share the extraordinary story of a young man who wandered from his childhood faith, found great success as a drug dealer, but then faced a life-altering prison sentence. What he found instead was the rekindled love of his father and a faith that would change everything.Faith Radio Network
A man with a big heart and a big voice shares a journey of music, worship & faith that includes his doctor's declaration two decades ago that he had less than five years to live. It's a life-giving and hope-filled conversation with the recording artist and songwriter.Faith Radio Network
The much beloved singer and songwriter joins us to trace the thoroughly unexpected journey to "inhale (exhale)", what a joy it was to welcome his son Sam as a songwriter and vocalist, and why he doesn't think he's a good writer of story songs!Faith Radio Network
Fresh off the release of his latest, "25 Lies Twentysomethings Need to Stop Believing: How to Get Unstuck and Own Your Defining Decade", Paul shares an invitation to create instead of just critique and offers insight on finding authenticity in a world of social media performance art.Faith Radio Network
We catch up with the beloved music makers on their one of a kind drive in tour across America. Mark shares the excitement and joy he's seeing as live music returns and also takes us inside his journey with dyslexia & how he found the courage to be honest with those around him about his struggle - and the profound freedom he found when he did.…
If you missed my set this past Tuesday, fret no more -- I recorded it! Recorded live on Minneapolis DJ AJent Orange's 'Top Licks' show on Subassassins Radio (www.subassassins.com). Enjoy!PS: Yes, the needle jumped a couple times!! Sorry about that. :) lol
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