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Born in the early 80's and raised on African beats (his roots), Hip Hop, House, Break Beats, Reggae, Funk, Drum & Bass, Pop & Rock or Electro... Phangan FM's Founder and Instructor/Producer at Koh Phangan ACADEMIX Dj School (since 2013). An uncompromising follower of the DIY (do it yourself). Constantly digging for new music, while shaping his own universe around various genres dj sets... He was just 15 when he discovered the Electronic scene alongside Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Nathan Fak ...
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Leah talks about the mid-season finale of 90 Day Fiance the Other Way as well as the 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Drama including Chuck and Charlie's punchable faces. Don't forget about the housewives - the lake house trip on RHOP, parties on RHONY, and finale of RHOBH are included too!Leah
The beautiful, stunning, and smart Lauren Lipari joins this episode as our first ever guest and real housewives expert! Leah and Lauren recap RHOBH and RHONY and Leah recaps 90 Day Fiance The Other Way and Happily Ever After - Don't miss it!Leah
One of those Sunday Night at 🔝Loi Lay🔝 "the Musical Church".Experience a 🔈Party on a Floating Dance Floor right in the crystal blue water of the lagoon 🏝, all night loooooong!!!!Loi Lay's got a very special place in my heart, i like to say "it's family for me" and i feel blessed for that 🙏🙏🙏An unforgettable night alongside one Boss of the Progressi…
Delighted morning under the Pyramid once again, reminiscent feelings, Unforgettable...❤️🙏▲RISE▲ is a non verbal, heart opening journey into an altered state of consciousness. To a place outside of thought, where you 'the individual' can let go, explore your inner world, and find a pathway to bliss. It is an event that encourages free expression thr…
The first acting challenge of the season is here and it was... predictably bad. The queens lipsync the house down. Andrew talks about their ASMR anxiety. Ethan gets his Black & Mild jush. Everyone's an Aries. All this and more, this episode of Gaggdt!Gaggdt!
Well the new batch of queens have stomped in their six inch heels down the runway and one has stomped right back out. Andrew calls out the racism. Ethan learns his lesson about Oprah. Miley schools the girls on poppers. Everyone is a cyster. All this and more, this episode of Gaggdt!Gaggdt!
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