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We're looking at Donald Trump's racist past and whether Republicans will stand for it. We also examine how Trump's policies are already affecting average working people in the US. Lastly, we talk about what you can and must do over the next 10 months leading up to the November elections.Inequality Media
We look at Fox News and how they are laying the ground work for Trump to fire Robert Mueller. Why is Fox News doing this? Because of the oligarchs behind all of this who got their big pay off from the biggest tax cut in history.Inequality Media
I'm talking to Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-winning author and thinker about global economics. We're talking about the rules regulating global trade, who has the power to set those rules, and the possibility of making free trade work towards more widely shared gains.Inequality Media
Tonight we anticipate the race in Alabama as a test of American institutions, the moral decency of voters in Alabama, and a test for the Republican party under Trump. Then we take a look at the Treasury Department's so-called report on the effects of the Republican tax plan. It is a single page that effectively says their tax cuts cannot be paid fo…
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