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Retirement Talk is a weekly podcast intended for seniors, boomers and retirees. We will examine all aspects of retirement: actions, ideas, memories, and plans. We will consider travel, life goals, family, community, exercise, relocating, housing, continuing education, friends, health, and end of life issues.
You’ve made the decision, it’s time to sell the family home in Vancouver and move on. Now what? Will you consider moving in with an adult daughter or son in Burnaby who can help you as you grow older? Maybe you’re moving to a senior supportive environment in New Westminster. Maybe you’re downsizing to a smaller house or a condo in the Tri Cities (Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam).Whatever the next step is, it’s time to move on. Alberta Rose Bassetto of RE/MAX Select Realty is in a class ...
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Bringing her 30+ years’ real estate experience in the Vancouver area, Alberta Rose is focused on that chapter in life when it might be time to sell the family home. That downsizing moment, or when you are choosing to move into an assisted living facility. In episode one of her new podcast, Alberta Rose, a Certified Relocation Transition Specialist,…
“A sandwich board? You spent the weekend as a sandwich board?” My friend proclaimed his support for “Pro Choice” as a sandwich board. Roy earned a BA from Harvard and a PHD from the University of Chicago. Now he’s a sandwich board.Del Lowery
Where do you start when planning your own funeral? Why should you start? Funerals are for the living and perhaps the entire process should be left to them. But it does seem like some of the deceased wishes might be included.Del Lowery
The importance of priorities hasn't changed much from when we were young children chasing after kitchen cupboards and electrical outlets. We just change direction a bit. It is the direction that must be kept in mind. We need to know what we really value.Del Lowery
As we grow older all family ties seem to be ever more valuable. The desire for family ties grows stronger each day. There is something about blood. We want a chance to sit down with our own son and daughter, and share in their lives and the lives of the grandchildren.Del Lowery
Remember that movie in the 60s:The Flim Flam Man.What I recall is his basic philosophy that you can’t cheat an honest man. He always thought that the way you take advantage of someone is if they think they are getting a good deal. Like they think they are beating system also. That opens them up.Del Lowery
"It is pancreatic cancer" a doctor recently told a fellow watercolorist who is an email friend of my wife. "One year" followed the announcement of pancreatic cancer: one year. How would it feel to get that kind of prognosis? It can happen. It can happen tomorrow.Del Lowery
According to the cult of happiness the last phase to be practiced is reflection. We look back and consider what we have done or what has happened and hopefully enjoy the memories. We just completed a road trip and we have reached the stage of reflection.Del Lowery
We decided to get an early start so that we might take advantage of the daylight hours. We do not like nor plan to be driving after dark. We want to see where we are going. We aimed for 8 am and were on the road by 8:15. The first problem occurred 5 minutes from home when I discovered I had forgotten my phone.…
We always need to have something out in front of us to pursue. I don't want to argue with that but I do want to pause for a few minutes and think about it. That is what this podcast is all about: pausing to consider what it is we are doing with our life.Del Lowery
What would we do if we retired? Everyone told us we were too young to retire. We had to work – it was a given. But after doing the math we found we did not need to work at a job. Feeling guilty about retiring never entered the picture.Del Lowery
Health decisions seem to mount as we move towards and into retirement. What to do? Where do we turn for advice? Most of the time, we can readily agree with our doctor. Other times, it just doesn’t feel right. We want a second opinion.Del Lowery
I remember deciding to retire and told my wife that I would always drop her a card from exotic destinations all over the world. She didn’t see the humor. She knew that there might be a chance that I would do that very thing. The day I retired - she retired.Del Lowery
On the last podcast I set out Spinoza's thoughts concerning happiness as a possible rule to follow. Recall that Spinoza advised us to realize that happiness lies in the movement from a state of lesser perfection to yet that of a greater one.Del Lowery
This is a revisited performance of the second episode ever aired on this podcast entitled "What Now". I have made some changes that might better clarify and illustrate the topic. "What Now" of course relates to retiring and what comes after that. Some of us have big dreams.Del Lowery
When should I retire is a question we all consider if we are lucky. I wrote about this topic in the very first podcast of Retirement Talk. It seemed fitting. That was 15 years ago. I'm wondering If my thinking may have changed. I hope I've learned something during this period.Del Lowery
When I stepped into the world of retirement I never thought I was leaving the real world. Now it seems like I see something, read something or hear of something of which I know nothing every day. I’m completely in the dark today about crypto-currancy. Also tick-tock, Instagram, snap-chat and all sorts of other stuff.…
Sometimes we just get too busy doing things that we forget to think. Not that I am against doing things. I like to be busy. But not busy all the time and not busy without giving much thought as to why I am doing whatever I am doing.Del Lowery
There is something about ritual ceremonies that glue us all together. I had thought it was just a couple of hours to sit through and then present them with a gift and that would be it. But that wasn't the case.Del Lowery
How many times a day does one have to be informed of the stock market report or the weather forecast? Seems like once a day might be plenty. It is hard to stay focused on enjoying the birds in the sky or the smell of the flowers when one's attention is constantly being jerked about.Del Lowery
Life continues to offer us new experiences. They come if we are willing to take a bit of a risk and accept them. It is much safer to just keep life on an even keel. New ventures require new efforts and thoughts. Reconnecting to old friends may be very well worth the effort.Del Lowery
It is important to share information from one generation to the other. History gives stability and a sense of identity to children. This stability and sense of self control helps establish a positive psychological grounding that enables children to face realities of life.Del Lowery
Considering the end of one's life is not a pleasant subject. But considering the little known information that is in direct opposition to reality is even more unpleasant. This is one place where it might pay off to plan ahead and be very proactive.Del Lowery
We know when we are spinning our wheels. We know when nothing is happening in our lives. We know we need a change. Perhaps the problem isn't our being stuck, The problem is getting unstuck. Deciding what to do? Which way to turn?Del Lowery
Dealing with regrets is a topic that was suggested to me by a loyal listener. I thought I could deal with it but it is proving more difficult than I could imagine.I like to look at the present and the future. Dreams seem to be about the only time mistakes of the past surface.Del Lowery
We got an email from a friend a few years ago when he was celebrating his 88th birthday in Sarasota, Florida. "Going to dinner with my granddaughter and her Dad. Got myself a massage and just got home from my playwriting class. Busy day for an 88 year old."Del Lowery
We know having meaning in our lives is important but sometimes we have trouble finding it. Many times It may be more of a problem of recognizing it. We may already have found meaning in our life and just not recognize it as such.Del Lowery
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