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A podcast that provides helpful tips and skills for you or people you know who have chronic physical and/or mental health issues to get by and thrive in daily living and in rehabilitation. The podcast is provided from the viewpoint and expertise of a rehabilitation counselor of twenty-three plus years who has been recognized with numerous awards and who also has the experience of living with significant physical and mental health issues. After listening to the podcast please click on the fol ...
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A guide to help those who often faint or get poked multiple times during blood draws and IV insertions that will significantly increase their chances of less pokes and less fainting.Robert Sidwell
Take Tylenol for social rejection? We review how physical and mental health are intertwined, how we can utilize that to help ourselves, and briefly discuss how it impacts societyRobert Sidwell
Natural health products can be very useful, but let us review some of the problems that come from purchasing items unregulated by official agencies and how to avoid them.Robert Sidwell
Maladaptive coping strategies are some of the major contributors to and sometimes the causes of our physical and emotional pain. Identifying them is the first step to overcoming them. Some ideas to overcoming them are given.Robert Sidwell
Need help with a proven tool for pain, insomnia, mental health and more? Explanation of Progressive Muscle Relaxation, its many many benefits, and instructions for episodes #6 & 7Robert Sidwell
In this episode we outline some important benefits of understanding that we have chronic illnesses and focusing on our journey instead of our destination in regards to treatment, fulfillment and happiness. This includes listing some dangers of focusing on the destination.Robert Sidwell
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