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Pastor Nelson brings this awesome series to its climax with an incredible teach on Financial Health! How big of a bite does money have on you? Let's explore the Bible's perspective on what financial health truly looks like!Nelson Jones
Pastor Nelson begins a new 4-week teaching series all about building health systems into our lives. We will be paying attention to 4 areas: Mental, Emotional, Relational, and Financial. Today, let's take a look at mental health!Nelson Jones
How do we know if we're living our calling? Or what our calling is? This is week 4 of our campaign and we have another powerful service planned. Come expecting an encounter with God as you learn practical ways to live you calling!Nelson Jones
This is week 3 of our campaign and we have another powerful service planned! Pastor Nelson, Pastor Brent, and Pastor Bob will join forces to deliver a compelling presentation of this week's theme: "You Are Called to Belong". Do not miss this!Nelson Jones, Brent Jones, Bob Bidwell
How would your life be different if you never questioned God’s love? Today we have a powerful service planned with many exciting elements and special music! Pastor Nelson will deliver the second instalment of our campaign's theme titled " Called to be Loved". Do not miss this!Nelson Jones
You are about to embark on a journey of discovery. Throughout this six-week study, you are going to discover the answer to life's most fundamental question: What on earth am I here for? Learn about why you were created, and how you can discover your identity, your meaning, purpose, significance, and your destiny.…
Do you have strength in the midst of weakness, hope in the midst of hopelessness? Pastor Nelson brings the answers we're all searching for with the powerful finale of this incredible teaching series!Nelson Jones
When our heart isn't quite in a relationship, we can start to question our partner or ourselves. There is one thing we should probably be questioning instead: What is the greatest threat to our relationships? This week, Pastor Nelson will be exploring just that.Nelson Jones
Can You See It? There are many lenses to choose from, and we’re all looking through one. Is it the right lens? Only one reveals purpose! Pastor Nelson will unbox the lens that allows us to see it!Nelson Jones
This week Pastor Nelson kicks off the brand new series Family God's Way. A God led family is a powerful thing. Not only does it encourage growth internally, but it extends that growth out into the world! Join us as we look into deepening our relationships with our families, with others and with God.Nelson Jones
We can get so caught up in the day-to-day that we often forget what we are working towards. Living life in the context of eternity gives us a whole new view on what life is and can be. Join us as we wrap up this summer series with a heaping helping of Joy!Bob Bidwell
We get discouraged when we try to do more than humanly possible. We all need a realistic view of what we can do. Paul describes his own physical weakness in 2 Corinthians 4:7 when he writes: “We are like clay jars in which this treasure is stored. The real power comes from God and not from us” (CEV). That’s why we can relax and be honest about our …
Join us this Sunday for an energetic LIVE Service! Pastor Nelson will take us on a journey of understanding our response to these times and the way forward now that we've chosen life! Expect an uplifting and bright service.Nelson Jones
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