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Logic Amen considers himself to be an artist, father, and educator. Amen has used his experience in media, music, and education to provide content for motivational speeches and workshops. In the area of media, he has published a magazine, created, hosted, and engineered a public television show, acted in roles for TV and video, and produced over 100 songs (several were used for his two albums and one for a music compilation released in 2001). He is currently producing shows for 91.3 KBCS rad ...
Jesus, Sex and Politics

Jesus, Sex and Politics

Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel

In this show Pastors Micah Beckwith and Nathan Peternel discuss all the topics surrounding our culture that scare you and that you're not allowed to talk about at the Thanksgiving dinner table. With a deep understanding of Scripture, American history, and current events, Micah and Nathan (along with an occasional guest or two) don't shy away from tackling all the politically incorrect topics you're probably already thinking about anyway.
The Global Energy & Environmental Law Podcast

The Global Energy & Environmental Law Podcast

The International Environmental Law Committee of the American Branch of the International Law Association

A discussion of global and local environmental law issues. Produced by the University of South Dakota School of Law and the International Environmental Law Committee of the American Branch of the International Law Association. Hosted by Professor Myanna Dellinger.
Atheist Vanguard

Atheist Vanguard

Atheist Community of Austin

Don't like commercials? Become a patron for ad-free content & more: ► https://www.patreon.com/atheistvanguard Video versions of the show may be found at: ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCsaF-FNi0-zVCuhJ5I0xbA? We welcome your comments on the open Facebook show thread: ► https://www.facebook.com/groups/acaproductions/ Atheist Vanguard is a crew of passionate atheists who conduct interviews to determine what people believe and why they believe it. In our lively round-table discussions we b ...
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On Monday Nov 1st people from all over central Indiana gathered at Life Church for an important discussion on what's happening in our public schools with guest and national speaker, Marc Little, and Former Attorney General, Curtis Hill. This 2 hour town hall has great insight and action steps from the experts on the front lines fighting to stop Cri…
In Episode 19 Nathan and Micah hit the studio with WIBC radio personalities, Mock'nRob. Politics doesn't have to be lame and Mock'nRob always make sure that no matter what's going on in Washington we can still find something to laugh about.Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel
In episode 18 Pastor Micah and Pastor Nathan sit down with former AG Curtis Hill and discuss the division in our nation we see right now and specifically within the minority communities. Can we ever get back to being a united nation again or does the division cut too deep? Dive in with the JSP podcast guys and listen to this great dialogue on comin…
Truth offends and absolute Truth offends absolutely. In Episode 17 Reverend Andrea Boutselis joins the guys on JSP to talk about how the Truth of God's Word is being censored... IN THE CHURCH. In July of 2021 Rev Andrea preached a sermon in her church on the evils of CRT being taught in our schools and is now on the receiving end of great discrimin…
Professor Myanna Dellinger interviews law professor and Brazilian attorney Dr. Carolina Arlota of the University of Oklahoma College of Law, who compares climate change action in Brazil to that in the United States. Among other things, she promotes the view that litigation may help advance the agenda even if positive outcomes are not achieved at th…
In Episode 16 Nathan and Micah discuss the 2nd Amendment and the concept of Self Defense from a Biblical worldview perspective. Does God say anything in His Word about the concepts the Framers of the US Constitution used to craft the 2A? Dive into this episode of Jesus, Sex and Politics to find out.Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel
God has given us all roles to play in our lives. In this episode Pastor Nathan and Pastor Micah jump into addressing how culture is trying to change our divinely inspired roles and what are the consequences of not recognizing our unique and individual roles God has given us.Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel
In part 2 of this 2 part series Micah and Nathan invite Alvin Lui and Elijah Condellone to discuss the fight for truth in our nation's schools. Alvin and Elijah have been on the front lines in Hamilton County Indiana advocating for and defending parental rights. Dive in and catch the guys talking about why many of our local leaders want to see trut…
In part 1 of this 2 part series Micah and Nathan invite Alvin Lui and Elijah Condellone to discuss the fight for truth in our nation's schools. Alvin and Elijah have been on the front lines in Hamilton County Indiana advocating for and defending parental rights. Dive in and catch the guys talking about why many of our local leaders want to see trut…
Why has the world of sports gone 'Woke'? In this episode Pastors Nathan and Micah discuss the political agendas of the sports world and why 'wokeness' is killing everything it touches... including the Raiders. Also, are trans men better at being women than actual women are? Tune in to find out how AWESOME men are!! HAHA!…
In this episode Pastors Nathan and Micah talk about the theology behind animals. Will Heaven really look like Narnia and will we be able to talk to animals? Nathan and Micah also dive into how dumb PETA is for pushing their campaign to end "speciesism"... but you probably already knew that. Oh... and did Micah end up shooting his dog, Max? Check ou…
In episode 9 Micah and Nathan interview Hamilton County Sheriff, Dennis Quakenbush. They discuss the history of the sheriff from our Founders' perspective and the crucial role a sheriff plays in protecting the people against tyranny The three hit on hot topic issues like Executive Branch Mask Mandates, Red Flag Laws, and a number of other topics wh…
To Mask or Not-To-Mask... that is the question. In episode 8 Pastors Micah and Nathan dive into how to walk through the mask and vaccine craziness. How should God's Church respond and what should politicians do concerning these very intense and divisive topics?Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel
In episode 7 Pastors Micah and Nathan dive into the California Gubernatorial race and look at Republican candidate, Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner. Should a Christian vote for a transgender candidate even if many of that candidate's values align with Biblical values? What does Scripture say about this?Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel
Should Israel defend herself? Should the United States defend our longstanding middle eastern ally? In JSP episode 6 Pastors Nathan and Micah discuss why supporting the nation of Israel is crucial to America's future and what Heaven says about all that is going on with "the nation of promise".Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel
In this episode Pastor Nathan and Pastor Micah with special guest Erica Strahm, a public school mom and outspoken activist, dive into the indoctrination problem within the classroom. From CRT (Critical Race Theory), to SEL (Social Emotional Learning), to liberal political & sexual agendas, the three dive into why all things pro-God, pro-Country and…
In this episode pastors Nathan and Micah take an in-depth Biblical and constitutional dive into the government's proper role in our lives per Romans 13 and the authority our founders established in the 'Land of the Free'.Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel
Podcast 1: Rundown Notes Who We Are Intro to Nathan / Micah Kill The Prophets, Non-Prophets and other names that didn’t make the cut Can you legislate Morality Truth and Morality based on what the Creator says? Why? Is the Bible the Ultimate Truth?Micah Beckwith, Nathan Peternel
Lisa Bloom, Esq. is widely known for her tireless work for ordinary people seeking justice, especially victims of sexual harassment, domestic violence, LGBTQ discrimination, racial bias, sexual assault, and excessive police force. She and her team have won many verdicts and settlements against high profile people accused of misconduct, including se…
Hear law professors Sean Kammer (PhD) and Myanna Dellinger (PhD candidate) discuss why the corporate and conservative attempts at keeping the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline will inevitably fail and why, then, it would be more expedient from an environmental and business point of view to face reality sooner rather than later. Th…
The fossil fuel industry is not accepting its inevitable fate: that it has to go. While that is understandable from a purely capitalist business perspective, industry attempts to hang on for dear life by, for example, trying to persuade people of color and low-income people that natural gas is beneficial and “clean” would be laughable if they weren…
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