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Meet the most eclectic, fully living group of people. Some are best selling authors, others are single moms. All are fascinating and willing to share of themselves. Come sit around Laura's table and get a shot of life. From relationships to health, spirituality to sex change, parenting to food ... Laura and her guests will challenge you, entertain you and inspire the heck out of you.
Join lifelong friends Laura, Hannah, and Brennan as they seek out the best and worst performances of any given actor's life work via Rotten Tomatoes™ reviews and stew 'em together. Every other week they do their heckin' best to make a movie soup the masses can enjoy. It'll be like a cool, culinary Cronenberg experiment. ...Huh. Maybe we'll do Jeff Goldblum at some point.
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Lonely loveboy or tiny chubby small boy? We're spanning the whole length of Joaquin Phoenix's life stew this week, from baby tiny man to actual man. And can I just say? It gets pretty cute up in here.Fresh Winner: "Her"Rotten Loser: "Rusky"Rotten Tomato Soup
Puttering wizard or Russian chief of police? Get yourself a big heaping bowl of absolute-LEE delicious stew. See what I did there? Yeah that joke was a piece of fine fucking art compared to the caliber of humor we got from Mission to Moscow.Fresh Winner: "Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers"Rotten Loser: "Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow."…
Irish immigrant or capable cartoon love interest? Get ready to have yourself some of those delicious Irish flavors as we spoon out some Saorise, and don't worry, we had to look up how to pronounce it too.Fresh Winner: "Brooklyn"Rotten Loser: "Justin and the Knights of Valor"Rotten Tomato Soup
Teenage heart-throb trickster god or Hank Williams? The soup kitchen is aiming to fix your Tom Hiddleston hunger this week. Just be warned: that man has far too many teeth for the size of his mouth.Fresh Winner: "The Avengers"Rotten Loser: "I Saw The Light"Rotten Tomato Soup
Period piece nice man or...period...piece...nice man? This week we're slorping out some Alan Rickman may he rest in peace. No seriously. We loved you very much. All respect.Fresh Winner: "Sense and Sensibility"Rotten Loser: "A Promise"Rotten Tomato Soup
Badass space hero or 80's honeypot? This week we're spooning out some Sigourney soup for all the hungry little boys and girls out there, just some grade-a very, very, VERY bad 80's satire with basically the greatest movie of all time. Fresh Winner: "Aliens"Rotten Loser: "Deal of the Century"Rotten Tomato Soup
Furry chief of police or hoop-dunking priest? This week we're serving up some Idris Elba egg drop soup as we try and figure out just how spooky we can make a fun buddy-cop adventure. Also everyone's an animal.Fresh winner: "Zootopia"Rotten loser: "The Unborn"Rotten Tomato Soup
I know very little about Astrology but because two of my kids are so fascinated with it, I booked them each a session with highly recommended Astrologer Eric Meyers. And I was blown away. So, of course, I want to know more and therefore here we are: one hour with Astrologer extraordinaire Eric Meyers.…
Black Belt Nia instructor Susan Tate joins us to talk about the program she created, called "Igniting the Power of the Pelvis" A sexuality instructor for 40 years, Susan uses her gift as a Nia instructor to guide her students through this powerful workshop, which combines a loving exploration of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional erealm…
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