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According to a new study, people whose sleep pattern goes against their natural body clock are more likely to have depression and lower levels of wellbeing. Lead author Jessica O'Loughlin joins the show to look at the study's results.
Aucklander Jessie Williamson only ever intended to stay in Shetland for six months. However, fate intervened when she was introduced to her husband-to-be, Davie, soon after her arrival. She's Calling Home from Lerwick this morning.
Dr Gary McLean looks at the latest Covid-19 developments, including the continued rise of the fast-spreading Delta variant, the transmissibility of Covid-19, and why people who have been fully vaccinated need to remain vigilant.
Socialite Jasmine Hartin has been charged with manslaughter by negligence after, she says, accidentally shooting police superintendent Henry Jemmott in Belize. Journalist Tom Leonard recently travelled to Belize to cover the story.
Mana Tangata: People of Action by historian Dr Stephen Clarke sheds light on Rotary Club's stellar record of community service in New Zealand over the past century. Dr Clarke joins the show to discuss the project and the two new major projects for Rotary.
Sam Schoeller is based near Klosters in Switzerland. He initially arrived in Switzerland 40 years ago in what was meant to be a short excursion to learn more about the country his father came from, but has remained there ever since.
The Steampunk NZ Festival started in 2009. Seven years later, The Guardian named Oamaru the 'Steampunk Capital of the World'. We're crossing live to the North Otago town to catch up with 'La Falconess' and 'Agent Darling' at the 11th annual festival.
Joanna Grochowicz's new book, Shackleton's Endurance: An Antarctic Survival Story, tells the incredible story of Ernest Shackleton's 1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition. Joanna joins the show from her MiQ hotel in Rotorua to discuss. .
Astronomer Seth Shostak made a daring bet in his 2012 TED Talk: We'll find extraterrestrial life by 2036 or he'll buy you a cup of coffee. Nine years on, Shostak remains convinced that it's a matter of time before the bet gets called off.
Research out of Coventry University shows that regularly soaking in a hot tub - or sitting in a sauna - can mimic many of the health benefits of exercise. PhD candidate Charles Steward is with us to discuss how hot baths can mimic exercise.
While the world continues to struggle to contain Covid-19, scientists are warning of another coronavirus pandemic on the horizon -- one which is likely to come from a yeast-like fungus. Dr Tom Chiller joins the show to discuss.
A new documentary, Heaven and Hell - The Centrepoint Story - airs tonight. It's a gruelling but powerful watch - mainly from the perspective of some of the former children of the commune, including Christchurch GP Dr Caroline Ansley.
Are you a daydreamer? Many of us were as children, but as adults we find it increasingly harder to be pleasantly lost in our thoughts. Nick Buttrick was part of a team that published a study on daydreaming recently in the journal, Emotion.
Director Rodney Ascher's debut 'Room 237' offered up some wild theories about interpretations of Stanley Kubrick's visionary masterpiece 'The Shining.' His latest documentary, 'A Glitch in the Matrix' is equally fascinating.
Bike Auckland's Liberate the Lane took place at Point Erin Park in Ponsonby this morning, before the cyclists made their way across the harbour bridge. The Chair and Spokesperson for Bike Auckland, Barb Cuthbert, joined us from the rally.
Having trouble getting rid of fruit flies at home or in the office? Don't be surprised - they're 'brainer' than you think. Christopher Potter, associate professor of neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, explains.
In his latest book, The Frontiers of Knowledge: What We Now Know about Science, History and the Mind, bestselling philosopher A.C. Grayling offers an ambitious and gripping history of science, thought, life on earth and the human mind.
Nordic countries dominate global happiness rankings. However, you'd have a hard time trying to convince a lot of Finns that the World Happiness Report offers an accurate gauge of their overall state of mind. Jukka Savolainen explains.
New Zealanders spend tens of millions of dollars every year on over-the-counter herbal and dietary supplements in an attempt to lose weight, but the first global review of complementary medicines for weight loss suggests that their use cannot be justified based on the current evidence. Lead author Erica Bessell, a PhD candidate from the University …
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