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I've got some extremely hot information on the central bank implementation of digital currencies to talk to you about today. It may not sound like a sexy subject to you, if you're not familiar with digital currencies, but these are coming to your bank account, ladies and gentleman. Digital currencies are coming to the American monetary system, with…
We're going to talk business and real estate today with a guest, a premier real estate syndicator, Joel Block. He has put together more than 40 companies, advised hundreds more and has taught thousands of people innovative ways to think about leadership strategy, sales and money.
An interview with a real estate guru, podcast guru, Jason Hartman. Jason is one of the premier real estate voices in the country, and we're going to talk about real estate and real estate during the pandemic.
I don't think most people in the United States, let alone around the world, actually understand how the banking system is set up and the risk at which depositors are these days, and I'm going to talk about that at some length here.
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