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I'm on Episodes 9-11 of Season 2 and they are all great for different reasons. 9 reminded me of why I love my country. 10 is a very well done episode for lots of reasons, and 11 shows us that even though this is a fictional show, it's not impervious to the nonsense that goes on in Washington DC. I grandstand a bit, so if you're into rants, this is …
Well I'm into Season 2 and the first 2 episodes were a doozy. We find out quickly that the president is hurt but will be OK and so is Zoe...but we also find out about Josh. I wax poetic about how well done this episode is, character building, and some general thoughts on what this episode would mean for today's world.…
Well I was partially right in my prediction for the Season 1 Finale. The threat against Zoe is addressed. This was one of my favorite (and super suspenseful) episodes. Here are my thoughts on it, as well as thoughts on my ability to not have to wait 4 months to see what happened.
I'm in the home stretch of Season 1 and we're getting more personal with the staff (at least I feel that way). The episodes are balancing a focus on policy with personal life more. The staff gets into some hot water and I have some predictions about the finale.
I cover Episodes 16-18 here! It's all about flag burning and issues still plaguing us today, how much I like the staff, and the fact that I'm happy and sad that a fictional show provides us both sides of an argument, and seems to be the sole source for it.
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