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Abby Osborne, Chief of Staff for the Utah House of Representatives, discusses the newly launched Civics Engagement Program. The new program offers 5th-graders across the state the opportunity to visit the State Capitol, engage with their local elected official, and debate mock bills on the House floor. Listen to learn how you or your student can ge…
Utah’s Legislative Auditor General, Kade Minchey, joins us in this two-part episode as we dive deep into the legislative auditing process. Kade’s work ensures our state continues to thrive on principles of accountability and a constant willingness to improve.
Where better to find top-tier educators than right here in Utah? Two of Utah's lawmakers created pathways to help adults change their careers and become the teachers Utah needs. Listen to this week's episode to learn how you or a friend can take advantage of these new programs!
Over the last year, education in Utah has seen historical and dramatic increases in funding thanks to conservative and sound fiscal policy. Now, with additional CARES money from the federal government, Utah can again provide education with additional funding and resources. Join us for this week's episode where we talk with Representative Lowry Snow…
Were you one of those people who forgot to renew your vehicle registration last year because you didn't get a postcard reminder? Well, thanks to Representative Chew, you won't have to worry about that happening again. Join us on this week's show to learn about what he did to fix the problem.
Did you know Utah was one of the first in the nation to grant women the right to vote? Utah has been a leader in women's suffrage since the beginning, and who better to tell us about that than the youngest women to ever serve in the Utah House of Representatives, Candice Pierucci.
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