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Chopped it up with the homie Chris about the upcoming election, the NBA, The NFL, BLM, Karen, Lil Baby and more! You trippin you miss this... word 😁--- Send in a voice message:
Marquil and Torch the Poet attempt to have a conversation among friends and brothers, but their attempt was misinterpreted as an interview. It started out great as they delve into the Confederate Flag but as the conversation continued things began to unravel and Marquil started cutting Torch the Poet off to refute his points and things only escalat…
Marquil and @tzonebeauty delve into the stigmas around therapy, talk about the Trump theory and pay respects to Andre Harrell...RIP... this episode is also dedicated to Little Richard and Betty Wright 🙏🏿--- Send in a voice message:
This ep, Raybudsky and T-zone beauty bless us with jewels about marriage, interracial relationships and being equally yoked... you’re gonna enjoy this one!--- Send in a voice message:
My homie T-Zone dripping jewels on parenthood, relationships, love, and God on this fun but education and inspirational episode, so tune in with your popcorn and relax with your vice of preference while we dialogue!--- Send in a voice message:
Marquil and Raybudsky discuss those affected by the pandemic and how God ties in, stimulus, church, Christianity, tithes and the lack of live sports !--- Send in a voice message:
Let’s empower people instead of tearing down, lets love instead of hate, let’s discuss instead of debate --- Send in a voice message:
life , ad to the Lakers , the nba draft, free agency, bet awards, cardi b, new music, political debate--- Send in a voice message:
I need y’all help on something real quick...I need Kd on the 1st thing smoking to Toronto, r relationships conversation proof n is baker good enough for O’D? U let me know--- Send in a voice message:
A little anxious talk about ALL THESE CANDIDATES, a touch on the NBA FINALS and possible dealing and a small dose of self therapy are packed in this small snippet of weekly content you can expect from the marquils mind and plenty of shyt to debate amongst yourselves 😁 so buckle up!--- Send in a voice message:…
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