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Sarah and Carrie are joined by Ryan Larson to talk everyone's favorite summer shark movie, Jaws! We talk beach food, Tab, coffee ice cream, moonshine, Crunchy Loggs?, and what is up with that holiday roast in July. Plus a nice episode of Disney Corner.
Sarah and Carrie are joined by Monte Yazzie to talk about the 2007 Tarantino film Death Proof! We talk shared universe food establishments, margaritas and Mexican food, Chartreuse (the only liquor so good they named a color after it), diner food, and the most enjoyment of nachos we've ever seen.
Sarah and Carrie are joined by Julio Ibarra, writer and folk horror enthusiast to talk about The Wicker Man. We talk pagan holidays, candy shops, baked goods, science vs religion, and our feelings on canned goods. Don't be the fool, join us for a rollicking good festival!
Sarah and Carrie are joined by the Blogging Banshee herself, Molly Henery! We talk feasts on feasts, mushrooms, very special meat pies, runic seating patterns, and our mutual hate of Christian. Referenced: How Midsommar's Food Stylist Created Heaving, Vibrant Feast That Will Haunt Your Dreams M…
Sarah and Carrie are joined by Gory Cory to talk about the 1981 slasher. Kitchen deaths! Copious teens that look alike and are hard to tell apart! Casual cannibalism! No women in the mines! Passionate thoughts about Kraft singles! Happy Valentine's Day <3
Sarah and Carrie are joined by Stephen King expert from the YouTube channel The Horror Show, Jaime en Fuego! We discuss fortune cookies, cursed pie, corncob stabbings, hotel ice cream, and more of the little food details peppered throughout King's work.
We're discussing the 1990 Stephen King adaptation of Misery, in which Kathy Bates' amazing portrayal of Annie Wilkes gives us institutional brown trays, Eggs a la Annie, Meatloaf with SPAM for extra zip, and the only pronunciation of Dom Perignon we will accept. Plus some very sweet family cookbook details.…
Sarah and Carrie discuss horror comedy Secret Santa with Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan! Dysfunctional families, questionable moms, wacky necklaces, beautiful creative/life advice, and lots and lots of holiday food talk. Happy Holidays!
Sarah and Carrie discuss The Gingerbread Man, including industrial kitchens, questionable food safety, bread dough gingerbread men, lots and lots of quippy food puns....and Christmas cookies! Mother Ginger Crinkle Cookies: Total Eclipse Cookies:…
Sarah and Carrie are joined by writer/director Aaron B. Koontz and actor Jeremy King to talk about their horror anthology movie, Scare Package! Hear all about the making of the film, the Rad Chad character, love letters to horror and food of course: comically oversized ham sandwiches, lollipops and popcorn…
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