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Relationships are social- and emotional bonds between people. They can be interpersonal, romantic or family. This is what OM's RoundTable is all about. A diverse community of men and women who engage in thoughtful conversation about the relationship issues that matter most. Think of it as a friendly coffee date with friends. We discuss a variety of relationship topics and host guests from all walks of life. I'll be your host, Pst. Obadiah Mwaura. Powered by Firstory Hosting
FFL Podcast

FFL Podcast

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Family First Life's NEXT LEVEL Sales Training Call provides not only provides our agents & partners the very best in real "how to" sales training, but we are galvanized to educate the entire sales industry on how to create a sustainable career. We believe in empowering, not enabling individuals to create the income they choose while proving a wonderful customer service to the public. Tune in to hear what works in today's lucrative market!
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What type of foundation have you set for your marriage? In this episode, OM's RoundTable is looking at the types of marriages that exist and how the kind of foundation that was laid at the inception of that marriage, tends to define its resilience. To order the book Friends For Life- Building A Happy Healthy Marriage, visit https://obadiahmwaura.or…
To order the book Friends For Life- Building A Happy Healthy Marriage, visit https://obadiahmwaura.org/shop Leave a comment and share your thoughts: https://open.firstory.me/story/ckyidi0cc0dpu0826yj4pexz5?m=comment or send us a voice message 😊😊: https://open.firstory.me/voicemail/ckyb0q4921aju0931b21ulrt7 Powered by Firstory Hosting…
One of the biggest battles of our society today is one of philosophies. Who is right? Who is wrong? Marriage has not been spared and has been adversely affected by the prevailing thoughts (philosophies) of the day. Join Pst Obadiah Mwaura and his table of friends as they discuss: - Issues Of Philosophical Warfare For Marriage - The Urbanization Eff…
Why are people, especially young people, fearing the thought of getting into marital commitment in our society today? We are seeing all manner of setups and terms being used in the dating and relationship scene, that indicates a changing trend on marriage perspective and value. Join Pst Obadiah Mwaura with his wife Rose, together with their guests:…
Today, Zac Twardowski joins us on True Talk and shares his story. He planned to go to medical school but found this opportunity instead. Zac shares how he got to building an agency and how he has remained humble throughout all his growth and success.
Steven Yee went from selling sneakers at Champs and working at an MLM to working with Family First Life. He shares some of the obstacles he faced early because of his previous background and how he now understands that the system works and is building a massive agency.
Today, we sit down with Bryce Evans who has only been with us for a couple of months and has already become a 30K a month producer. He shares how he left his previous job of 5 years after realizing just how far he could grow with Family First Life.
Today, we sit down with Rochelle Nielsen who is already killing it this year. In 6 days alone, she issued $62,000. Tune in to find out how she stays focused and makes sure she constantly revisits old training to refresh herself on the basics.
Today on Inside the Sale, FFL President Shawn Meaike goes over how we are going to get to 400 offices by the end of 2021. He also explains the WorkSpots app and how it is a gamechanger for agents looking for office space.
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