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St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

Saint Mary's Episcopal Church - Eugene, OR

Sermons and other recordings from St. Mary's Episcopal Church has been in downtown Eugene for over 150 years to worship, serve, and grow in faith. Guided by the teachings and life of Jesus Christ, we value community, inclusiveness, compassion, our living tradition, health, and collaborative leadership. All are welcome at St. Mary's, no matter what age, ethnicity or race, gender identity, sexual orientation or economic and social circumstances.
Traditional Worship, Contemporary Ideas. As the Cathedral church, Trinity plays a vital role in the heart of Phoenix.Trinity Cathedral seeks to be a place where all people encounter the living God, the reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Life, worship, ministry, and the miraculous and mysterious work of God are intertwined here.
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Atlanta is a vibrant, progressive community that welcomes all – wherever they may be on their spiritual journey. We are called to know, to love, and to serve God and our neighbors. In all that we do, we honor All Saints’ abiding commitment for justice and peace for all people in Atlanta and across the world. Visit us online at https://allsaintsatlanta.org
Saint Stephen’s is a beacon for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the building of community all the while focusing its sights continuously on the needs of those outside her open doors and windows. Saint Stephen’s looks forward to taking on the challenges of a new world with the fresh old message of Jesus Christ crucified and Jesus Christ resurrected. We hope you will join us in this call to mission to proclaim the Gospel, help those in need, and build a strong Christian ...
Episcopal Priest Kyle Martindale tackles various topics, from religion and theology to pop culture. In the first few minutes, he takes a crack at explaining the topic for the episode and sometimes submitted questions before bringing in someone who is much more knowledgeable on the subject. With his signature blend of comedy and seriousness, Episcopal Priest Explains becomes an approachable entry point into sometimes difficult subjects.
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Officiant: Mtr. Lisa Meirow, Psalm(s): Psalm 105: 1-22, Fr. Wiley Ammons, Old Testament: Judges 14:1-19, Laura Ammons, New Testament: Acts 6:15-7:16, Andrew Armond, Gospel: John 4:27-42, Mtr. Lisa Meirow. Logo image by Antonio Allegretti, used by permission.Forward Movement, Fr. Wiley Ammons, Mtr. Lisa Meirow
Officiant: Fr. Wiley Ammons, Psalm(s): Psalm 119 (121-144), Laura Ammons, Old Testament: Judges 13:15-24, Laura Ammons, New Testament: Acts 6:1-15, Andrew Armond, Gospel: John 4:1-26, Mtr. Lisa Meirow. Logo image by Laura Ammons, used by permission.Forward Movement, Fr. Wiley Ammons, Mtr. Lisa Meirow
Sermon Podcast: "Today We Wear our ADVENTURE Pants" The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens 8/7/2022 “Today We Wear our ADVENTURE Pants,” a sermon by the Very Rev. Bernard J Owens, on the ninth Sunday after Pentecost. The post Sermon Podcast: Today we Wear our ADVENTURE Pants appeared first on Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.…
Our second reading today comes from the Book of Hebrews. Hebrews is a rich and complex work. Many scholars think it was originally a sermon in which the preacher is exploring what Jesus is all about, the meaning of Jesus and his work in this world, its purpose, what God was trying to do, how it works, how it is accomplished, and its meaning for us.…
I had no rug in the living room and I finally found one that I thought was beautiful and I justified it because I was thinking, I'll give this to my granddaughter when I die. You know, she'll love this rug, right? She'll probably put it in a garage sale, but anyway, that was my justification. That rug was in my living room less than a week when my …
July 31, 2022: May God’s words be spoken, may God’s words be heard. Amen. Like some of you, I bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket the other day. I only buy one. I figure, if God wants me to win it, one is all I need. Apparently, God has no such plans for my life, and that’s fine. Still, there is something really awesome about the moments between …
Morning Prayer for today with a reading from the Psalms, the New Testament, and the Gospel, with meditation music from "Inner Voices" and "In Beauty We Return," by R. Carlos Nakai. Courtesy Canyon Records, Phoenix, AZ (800)-268-1141. All rights reserved.Chip Lee
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