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Understanding the twists and turns of life can be confusing, leaving us looking for answers! Join expert astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox every Monday as he fills you in on the week’s astrology, and helps you make sense of your dreams. This podcast is for those of you piecing together life’s mysteries one week at a time.
Awake in the DREAM Radio - Join Dr. DREAM as he presents guests and topics that will Raise Your Frequency and Expand Your Consciousness...! Join Us "LIVE" at http://www.AwakeInTheDreamRadio.com on Mondays at 2pm (Pacific Time - Los Angeles) These recordings are of past interviews, presentations and our radio broadcasts. To connect with Dr. DREAM direct or find out about other events, Visit the website; http://www.DrDREAM.com & http://www.TourOfLOVE.com & Facebook at http://www.DrDREAM.com/fa ...
Dream Interpretation With Dr. Michael Lennox will teach you how to work with your dreams. You are invited to call in during this program and talk with Dr. Michael about your dreams, be they crazy, disturbing or recurring.Learn how working with dreams increases self-awareness and enhances the process of self-investigation. Dr. Michael will guide callers to the next level of their personal journey using dreams as a stepping-stone into conscious awareness and personal growth. In addition, Dr. M ...
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For the week of May 16th, the sudden unexpected pivots of this spring ramp up, so trust that your heart is more open than it has ever been. This week we chat about fish symbology in dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of May 9th, it’s time to take action, so know what you want to create and feel it! This full moon brings an immense opportunity to release. Remember, you can’t sprint forward if you don’t release your baggage. This week we explore wolf medicine in dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of May 2nd we move into a very different landscape for the rest of this month. We are asked to be more comfortable with vulnerability as we are given the opportunity to heal wounds passed down to us, courtesy of Black Moon Lilith. This week we explore the meaning of foxes and partners in our dreams.…
For the week of April 25th, we kick off eclipse season with a new moon in Taurus and enter the wormhole. For this north node eclipse, the future is on our mind and the energy is amplified. Dig deep and go big! This week we explore new and dead names in dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of April 18th, it’s the calm before the storm. There is a demand to fix conflict rising up from the shadow, so a little shadow investigation will benefit us all. With this, we are able to get some clarity about where we are headed next. This week we explore Cardi B consciousness in dreams.…
For the week of April 11th, we are at the peak of an easygoing month with a full moon in Libra. We are still in a period of accelerating manifestation. Everything you need for a masterful life lies within you, so turn in to find the answers for our creations. This week we explore when sobriety shows up in our waking life and dream life.…
For the week of April 4th, we are starting off a yummy month! We are more at ease between the chunky start to the year and eclipse season. It is manifestation time, so focus on the love and there will be more love. This week we explore repairing familial relationships in dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of March 28th this week we move away from our past as we collectively move towards the future and try something new. This week we explore never ending buildings in dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of March 21st, we are on fire in Aries season! We’ve been through some big healing, and we begin to move through some huge manifestation mojo. This week we explore animal medicine in dreams.
For the week of March 14th communication is challenging, so quiet the excess chatter within. We have an explosive opportunity for manifesting our desires with the planetary movement this equinox. This week we talk about rats in dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of March 7th we are empowered to begin making new choices that align with our unique experience. As you take risks, check in with your feelings and pay attention to what and how you’re making these choices. This week we talk about our old selves appearing in our dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of February 28th, we set intentions with the new moon in Pisces as we consider what we have learned these past two months. What did you learn about love, intimacy and vulnerability? This week we talk abundance consciousness.Michael Lennox
For the week of February 21st healing conversations and clarity arrive! The opportunity for healing experiences come up as we excavate our deepest desires, and by mid-week we are ready to express ourselves. As the Pluto return of the United States reaches an apex, the personal changes you’re creating can help assist you in the changes happening in …
For the week of February 14th our decision-making shifts as we have more emotional awareness, and explore out of the box communication. We ask - who am I and how does that fit into the community, for the full moon in Leo. The Pluto return for America begins! This week we explore birds in dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of February 7th, everyone is in Capricorn! We wake up to our higher awareness, and on Friday revisit deep revealing thoughts and conversations about where we want to go next. This week we explore Louis Vuitton and monetary abundance!Michael Lennox
For the week of January 31st there is a new moon in Aquarius. It is time to look at our karmic past and our relationship to the community as we learn our lessons with this week’s Saturn and Mars placements. This week we talk resilience with author and psychologist Lise Deguire.Michael Lennox
For the week of January 24th Venus turns around and her retrograde ends. Sun Square Uranus brings a wild card, and Mercury is busy in his retro journey. This week we look into a caller’s stress dream.Michael Lennox
The week starts with a full moon in Cancer and the Nodes of the Moon change signs. Mercury and Venus are both retrograde, and Aquarius season starts. This week we talk about stone and rose gardens.Michael Lennox
For the week of Jan 10th we begin the week with Mars squaring Neptune, and end it with a Sun Pluto Conjunction, with a little Venus retrograde activity thrown in. This week we answer a listener’s question - Am I going to die in my dream?Michael Lennox
For the week of Jan 3rd the nodes of the Moon are squared by Jupiter, Venus sextiles Neptune for the second time, and comes together with the Sun, Mercury and Chiron are in a sextile. This week we talk about jumping into vans, parrots, seeing Justin Bieber, and waking up with dead people in a marathon of a dream.…
For the week of December 27th Jupiter moves into Pisces, Venus is moving backwards, Mercury has a meeting with Venus and Pluto, Mercury goes into Aquarius, and there is a new moon in Capricorn. This week we talk about water in the basement.Michael Lennox
For the week of December 20th the solstice hits Tuesday morning, Saturn makes his final square with Uranus, and Venus and Pluto come together on the 25th . This week we talk about mirrors in our dreams.Michael Lennox
For the week of December 13th Venus is Stationing, moving 2.5 degrees before going Retrograde, there is a Full Moon in Gemini, and Jupiter Trines the Moon. This week we learn about what ravens represent.Michael Lennox
For the week of December 6th Eclipse season is over, but the new moon eclipse of last week gives amplified energy next 4 weeks, Venus is in her shadow, and we learn about the retrograde to come. This week we learn about what frogs and komodo dragons represent in dream world.Michael Lennox
For the week of November 29th we have a couple of lovely days at the beginning of the week leading to the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Dec 3rd, closing the Wormhole! This week we have special guest Monique Ruffin who is a spiritual coach, astrologer, and the moon mama! Michael and Monique discuss the Pluto Return of the United States…
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