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Delta Cadillac es la firma musical de Radio MARCA. Es rock, blues, country, folk, americana… Es tu refugio en la madrugada de los sábados y tu acompañante donde quiera que estés. Delta Cadillac eres tú que nos oyes, eres tú que nos ayudas a seguir descubriendo ritmos escondidos. Delta Cadillac es simplemente buen rollo, es simplemente Rock n’ Roll.
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The February Full Moon is often times called the Snow Moon because of the heavy snowfall typical in this month. But it’s also been referred to as the Hunger Moon or Bone Moon by Native Americans because of the lack of food.Delta College Public Radio
Three Lake Huron coast properties are now permanently protected, the EPA is cracking down on soot, and Consumers Energy rates are rising, but so are solar and electric vehicle programs.Delta College Public Radio
Earth orbits the Sun in the habitable zone – a place where liquid water can exist in great quantities on our surface. But how would things change if Earth revolved around two suns, and do we know of any real-life planets that orbit more than one star?Delta College Public Radio
Switching from a gas vehicle to an electric one would benefit 9 out of 10 American households. Michigan has released new fish consumption guidelines for rainbow smelt and carp from seven lakes around the state.Delta College Public Radio
As the planets slowly move among the stars, sometimes they appear close to each other in the sky – a meetup called a conjunction. The planets Venus and Saturn will be in just such a conjunction on January 23rd.Delta College Public Radio
How ready is Bay County for climate change, an energy storage manufacturer is raising $50 million to scale up production in Clare County, and a draft plan for Michigan state parks needs feedback.Delta College Public Radio
The Lake Huron Coastal Preserve is now open near Tawas City, there are increased walleye fishing opportunities in Saginaw Bay, and find out where Michigan ranks in lightning events in the U.S.Delta College Public Radio
Federal regulators may finalize new rules to prepare the electric grid for climate change in the coming year and upcoming webinars let you know what organizations are doing to combat invasive species.Delta College Public Radio
A century ago you could see many bizarre sideshows on the boardwalk at Coney Island. But one of these was not an act, but a system that saved thousands of premature babies.Delta College Public Radio
Have you ever noticed how the siren of an ambulance sounds higher in pitch when it’s approaching, and lower when it’s driving away from you? That shift in pitch is related to the Doppler effect – an observed change in the length of a wave due to relative motion between the source and the observer.Delta College Public Radio
One of the best meteor showers of the year comes to a peak on the evening of December 13 and 14. Known as the Geminid Meteor Shower, it rivals the famous Perseids in August in numbers and brightness.Delta College Public Radio
Super hero movies function best as metaphors that explore something authentic about us as people. The sequel to Black Panther mourns the first film's star, Chadwick Boseman, while continuing to deal with real world issues in a fictional world.Delta College Public Radio
Bay City is the latest community to take the Lake Huron Forever pledge. Dow and Waste Management are piloted a program to recycle plastic film. A new online portal for the Michigan Green Schools program is live.Delta College Public Radio
In September of 2022 NASA conducted the world’s first planetary defense technology demonstration. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test demonstrated asteroid deflection by changing an asteroid’s motion in space through kinetic impact.Delta College Public Radio
Most of the time, Mars is just a faint star that looks like an unremarkable orange dot in a telescope. But every 26 months, the Red Planet swings in for a close approach to Earth, making it ideal for observing.Delta College Public Radio
A conservation group is among those pushing for federal funding to fight algal blooms in Saginaw Bay. The state has won an award for a project to bring renewable energy to Michigan properties. Get ready for a wet winter, according to the latest outlook from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.…
The Autumn nights give us cooler, drier air which is ideal for observing the deep sky. Combine that with a moonless night, and it’s the best time of year to look for the Great Andromeda Galaxy.Delta College Public Radio
This month, the Full Frost Moon on November 8 coincides with a Total Lunar Eclipse. This is when the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, giving it an eerie reddish glow because of the colors that pass through the Earth’s atmosphere. This is why a total lunar eclipse is also sometimes called “The Blood Moon.”…
Bay, Gladwin, and Midland are among the counties in a state public land review. You can save on heating costs this winter through a state weatherization program. A federal research lab is sharing highlights from monitoring the Great Lakes this year.Delta College Public Radio
Each season has a notable constellation or group of stars that can serve as a guidepost to that part of the sky. In summer it’s common to use The Summer Triangle, but in autumn we have “The Great Square of Pegasus.”Delta College Public Radio
Almost half of all U.S. households are now using LED bulbs. Michigan has committed to reducing energy use in state buildings. Thumb Brewery is among those participating in OktoberForest.Delta College Public Radio
Michigan's environmental agency is seeking input on where to focus its water monitoring efforts. A Michigan environmental group says the state needs to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fall color is on display this week in northern Michigan.Delta College Public Radio
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