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HEDHS yesh. You wanted it, you got it. Just in time for the 2010 Playoffs. Join Juice, 22, Matty, Jojo, Su and the rest of our colorful co-host characters for playoff madness and a chance to catch up again! We miss you all so much!Archive
Juice and the CCR Warren of Hosts: 22(Chris), Katie, Matt, the whole connect gang bring you hockey highlights in their inimitable bunny style! This week Jojo and Juice will host the show Together live from the Bunny Studios in Los Angeles- Hockeywood, baby. Katie and Chris will be with us in bunny spirit too.…
Juice,22 and a warren of guest hosts bring you Puck Bunny Radio: the Sunday Worship edition of CCR, discussing the week's hockey highlights, rumors and innuendo in their inimitable style and redefining the meaning of Puck Bunny. www.puckbunnyradio.comArchive
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