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Welcome to the Digital Left's premier gonzo economic news podcast. We read this shit so you don't have to! This podcast is not intended as investment advice. You should not base any decisions taken regarding any security on any statements made in the course of this podcast. None of the hosts are even remotely qualified to give advice, never mind actionable advice on investments. Ask somebody who’s paid to fall on their sword for their investment advice being wrong.
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It looks like Facebook has finally managed to eat a well-deserved raft of shit and we here at Chop Shop are gonna tell you all about it. Join us for a deep-dive into WTF actually happened, what this means for our floundering economy, and more!Chop Shop Economics
It looks like we've got ourselves a Lehman and their name is Evergrande. Join the Chop Shop hosts for why this one might just blow out the global economy, the new strike wave engulfing America, Costco's supply chain woes, and more!Chop Shop Economics
It's happening! CNBC has just posted the first real hint that finance knows the game is up and they're making a break for the exits. Join us for this fuckery, Epik Fail, Bloomberg talking about supply chains, and more!Link of Nabisco Assault on Workers:…
It looks like everyone just got cut off! Join the Chop Shop Crew for how badly federal unemployment expiring will ruin everyone's day, IATSE gearing up for their first industry-wide strike ever, Biden's vax mandate, and more!Chop Shop Economics
Welcome, everyone, to our rundown of the recent US Supreme Court decision to overturn the CDC's federal eviction moratorium, clearing the way for the largest unhousing of Americans since the Great Depression. Join us for how bad it might get, what this means for the economic recovery, and more!Chop Shop Economics
Just when you thought the economic recovery was gaining traction those meddling kids at Chop Shop had to go and spoil everything! Join us for why this recovery is so anemic, what you might expect, and the inevitable Second Great Depression.Chop Shop Economics
Some wannabe space cowboys had a very public hard-on and you bet we've got something to say about it! Join the Chop Shop Crew for a solid riffing on Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, the Eviction moratorium, and more.Chop Shop Economics
Madison Cawthorn opened his CHUD mouth and we've got something to say about it! Join the Chop Shop crew for the latest COVID shenanigans, Chinese Millenials slacking off, a boiling lake, the shipping container clusterfuck, and more.Chop Shop Economics
Welcome to the newest season of Jackass Wall Street! Join the Chop Shop crew for the hilarious thrills, chills, and spills of watching Wall Street trade crypto like Johnny Knoxville, Coca-Cola hiking their prices, and more!Chop Shop Economics
Welcome to Part Two of our Egypt Special. In this segment, we will dive into the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, its immediate consequences, and Egypt in the present day including their growing influence within the African Union.Chop Shop Economics
Say what you will about Egypt, it's never boring! Joining us today in the studio is Ahmed, frequent contributor to Cosmonaut and several other podcasts, to give us the scoop. In Part One we will dive a bit into Egyptian society and modern history from Nasser to the causes of the 2011 Revolution.Chop Shop Economics
A funny thing happened in the Suez Canal and we're going to tell you all about how it fucked up the global economy for a hot second. Join the Chop Shop Crew for this tomfoolery, why neoliberalism hates UBI, and more!Chop Shop Economics
Jerome Powell flipped a table this week and Chop Shop is here to pick through the wreckage. Join us for these shenanigans, the Wall Street Journal reading the writing on the wall, our one and ONLY appeal to reformist action, and more!Chop Shop Economics
Hot on the heels of Harry and Meaghan is the Chop Shop Crew asking the immortal question: will the United Kingdom survive Joe Biden? Join us for the escalating Eire emergency, the paranoia of the British tabloids, and more!If you want to hear the rest of this track, please drop $5 in our Patreon at…
Welcome back, Chop Shop fans, to the latest from the American hellstorm. We've got it all, from Disneyland demanding for your souls, Kyrsten Sinema's grotesque girlboss energy, to Bitcoin breaking Wall Street's brain, and more!Title card by Rise ComicsChop Shop Economics
It really says something that we can only name a handful of things that Joe Biden has done right. Join us for one of those things, Texas' continued woes, the Federal Reserve fucking up again, a new Oil War, and more!Title Card made by Rise ComicsChop Shop Economics
Joining us in the studio today is Milo from Trash Future and guest co-host Lynn. We will cover everything from the fuckery that is Brexit to the general mess that is UK politics, the SNP, and more!If you want to hear the rest of this episode please visit our Patreon at and throw a fiver our way.…
Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, Texas froze over. Join us for the polar vortex, the IMF dissing neoliberalism, Blue State COVID fuckery, Fight for $15, Bitcoin going bananas, and more!Special thanks to Rise Comics for the sweet title card!Chop Shop Economics
It's back and better than before! Join the Chop Shop crew for our latest on the state of the USA with highlights like the IRS going after the Capitol Riot moneybags, the trial of Donald Trump, and more!If you want to hear the rest of this track and more sweet bonus content, toss $5 in our Patreon at…
Joining us in the studio today is Cory Doctorow, the science fiction author known for his copyleft advocacy. We talk with Cory about Amazon and Silicon Valley's monopolistic practices, their use of surveillance to protect their positions, and more!If you like this track, support this podcast, and want to hear more special content please visit our P…
A funny thing happened in stocks this week when angry Redditors sacked Melvin Capital, liberated GameStop, and turned Wall Street upside down. Join the Chop Shop Crew for a deep dive into how this happened, what might be next, and more!Chop Shop Economics
A funny thing happened at the Capitol Building last week and the gang's all here to assure you it's normal to be flipping the fuck out right now. Join the whole Chop Shop crew for our take on January 6th, the fallout, and more!Chop Shop Economics
We've referenced it and threatened this since Day One, so here it is: the Big Short! Join the Chop Shop Crew for this savage journey, the debate over who the villain is, water securities, and more.If you would like to watch with this Chop Shop Crew commentary toss $5 in the jar at, load up "The Big Short", and pres…
One of the biggest, and probably best, things to come out of 2020 was the irreversible damage inflicted on the oil industry. The rapid retreat of this once untouchable industry has transformed the battle for a liveable planet. Join Chop Shop as we dig in to the causes and consequences of the Death of Oil.…
With Election 2020 fading away a new question arises: does Joe Biden's team truly get how fucked things are? Join the Chop Shop crew as we dig for answers and stumble through the US COVID apocalypse, striking Amazon workers, Exxon-Mobil's woes, and more!Chop Shop Economics
Welcome, Chop Shop fans, to our thorough, fair, and totally gonzo takedown of the economic side of Obama's largely ineffectual shitshow of a presidency and just in time for Turkey Day! Join us for a stroll down memory lane as we relive some highlights dating back to when Obama had the power to change everything ... and fucked us all over.If you wou…
It's Tuesday so it must be time for the worst jobs numbers since 1932! Join the Chop Shop Crew for why these numbers, Chinese bond markets, EU wind power, and African trade all add up to investors ditching the US and more!Obama brand guy hates America:…
Welcome back, Chop Shop fans, to the epic tragicomedy known as the FYRE Festival! Come for the fraud, stay for the gratuitous Millenial bashing in FYRE Fraud, presented by Hulu, as narrated by your friends on the Chop Shop Crew.If you would like to watch with this Chop Shop Crew commentary toss $5 in the jar at, lo…
It's finally over! The Election 2020 Apocalypse has passed and Trump is done! Join the crew for the latest on the stimulus that won't, Exxon-Mobil eating shit, Brexit, American Kerenskys, and more!Chop Shop Economics
Third (and we hope the last) time's a charm!Buckle up everyone cause the Third Doomsday Special is here! Join your friends at Chop Shop for a rollicking good time as we commiserate over Election Day fuckery, discuss the Five Scenarios, and add a Sixth for kicks. No matter what you're looking for we've got you covered!…
If it's Tuesday, then somewhere a major industry is doing fraud. Tune in to Chop Shop for the latest in Quibi's painful demise, banks eating shit from the oil crash, and some good-natured riffing on the fucking Tories.Chop Shop Economics
It's Day Nine of Donald Trump's steroid trip and we're all along for the ride! Join the Chop Shop Crew for the latest White House shenanigans, necromancy, Michigan Plot fuckery, the Relief That Almost Was, and more.Chop Shop Economics
Just when you thought 2020 was fresh out of twists, the writers go whole-hog and rip off Poe. Join us as we laugh, cheer, cry, and shout over what Trump's Rose Garden Massacre will do to the election, the economy, and more!Chop Shop Economics
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