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REMEMBERING MY FAVORITE THINGS with some personal nostalgia as your host tip-toes back through the years for some scenes from his not-so-long-ago. Chuck is aided and abetted by such iconic figures as Al Jolson, Glenn Miller, Johnny Mathis, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING TITLE SONGS – songs about songs – recalling a trolly song, a Whiffenpoof song, and a coffee song. The whole world will be singing our song, you’ll keep coming back like a song, and there will even be a song in your heart.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING OCCUPATIONS as we recall some of the jobs people have had over the years. It’s a musical tribute to employers and employees, career men and women, and full- and part-timers. Punching in on our time-clock are Sammy Kaye, Kay Kyser, and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING SWEET DREAMS as we recall how our dreams are getting better all the time, the street of dreams, as kiss to build a dream on and even the craziest dream. Helping out are such dreamers as Helen Forrest, Perry Como, Russ Columbo, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING THE GIRLS OF OUR LIVES as we recall the fascinating females of the days of our youth and beyond. We’ll be drifting and dreaming about Mary and Margie, Laura and Lisa, Dinah and Dolores, Rosemary and Rosalie, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING FAR AWAY PLACES as we take a sentimental journey-in-place with records and recollections of England, France, Ireland, South America, Bermuda and Turkey, along with such musical tour guides as Eartha Kitt, Buddy Clark, Bobby Darin, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING CHRISTMAS ON THE BANDSTAND as we celebrate the years when the nation celebrated the holiday season by listening and dancing to the music of the Big Bands. Helping us observe some Yuletides of the Past are Benny Goodman, Harry James, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING NAMES AND NICKNAMES as we recall real names, show biz names, tag-names and more. Lots of name-calling this time as we bring to mind records and recollections of The Voice, The Groaner, The Schnozz, Old Ski Nose, The Velvet Fog, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING MONEY as we recall pennies from heaven, ten cents a dance, a million dollar baby and a dollar-a-year man. It’s what makes the world go ‘round and we have lots of records and recollections with the McGuire Sisters, Bing Crosby, and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING COMEDY OFF THE RECORD from the post-Radio Days era. Providing the word pictures are Bob Newhart, Shelly Berman, Mike Nichols and Elaine May, Don Ameche and Frances Langford, Charlie Manna, Andy Griffith, Vaughn Meader and Stan Freberg.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING CRY BABIES with a tearful earful of musical treats from such folk as Guy Mitchell, Guy Lombardo, Julie London, Johnnie Ray, Burl Ives and The Platters. We’re laughing on the outside and crying on the inside.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING THE ANDREWS SISTERS with a mini-concert featuring Patty, Maxine and Laverne, the trio of girls from Minneapolis who sold millions of records during their long career. Guest stars include Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Al Jolson, and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING SPRING, the time of the year when we think of a young man’s fancy, of spring fever, apple blossoms, rainy days and more. Helping us out are Michael Feinstein, Ella Fitzgerald, Andy Williams, Doris Day, Lena Horne, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative with a program of records and recollections. Contributing moral support are Jimmy Durante, Nat King Cole, Kate Smith, Fred Astaire. This is an ENCORE presentation of the May 2017 podcast.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING AFFAIRS OF THE HEART with records and recollections of cold hearts, breaking hearts, young hearts, lost hearts, even hearts made of stone. Heart rates are perfect as hear from such cardiac crooners as Perry and Frank plus Tony and Connie.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING HOLIDAY SONGWRITERS from the middle of the Twentieth Century as we enjoy a musical snapshot of some of the best-loved Christmastime songs written between 1940-1955. Such tunesmiths as Irving Berlin, Sammy Cahn, Meredith Willson, and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING Remembering as we recall days gone by with records and recollections. Take a nostalgic journey to times past with the help of Dean Martin, Perry Como, Jo Stafford, Eddie Fisher, Ethel Merman, the Mills Brothers, Statler Brothers and others.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING THE ROAD PICTURES with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour as we travel with the three stars, taking a look at their seven hilarious and beloved comedy films. Pack your bags, bring some traveler’s checks and come along for the ride.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING MUSIC CLASS 101 – as we recall how we first became acquainted with all those musical instruments. Our teachers are Michael Feinstein, Judy Garland, Horace Heidt, Danny Kaye, Boris Karloff, Allan Sherman and Harry James.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING THE RADIO DAYS as we take a second look back at those happy years with recordings and recollections of America in the middle of the Twentieth Century. We’re still in the nation’s living room as we tune in to some memories from the radio.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING THE RADIO DAYS. Take a look back at not-so-long-ago with records and recollections of America’s premiere entertainment delivery system from the middle of the Twentieth Century. Return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING A GROUP OF GROUPS with some of the best music of our life. We’re featuring lots of records and recollections this time as we present a great gathering of groups, including the McGuire Sisters, the Mills Brothers, the Platters, and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING THE A-LISTERS -- talented folks and wonderful memories that turn up on our special A-List of records and recollections. We’re talking about Julie Andrews and the Andrews Sisters and the Ames Brothers and Gene Autry, Fred Astaire and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING A MILESTONE BIRTHDAY for Chuck’s brother Ken as he reaches the big day. Observing the occasion are Frankie Avalon, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, George Burns, Georgia Gibbs the Fontane Sisters, the Statler Brothers and others.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING MUSIC BY THE NUMBERS and the numbers add up to records and recollections. Auditing the account in numerical order are people like Les Paul and Mary Ford, the Mills Brothers, the Fontane Sisters, Johnny Mathis, Kate Smith, Gogi Grant and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING CHRISTMAS FROM COAST-TO-COAST with a trip visiting Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Roy Rogers in California, the Cartwright Family in Nevada, Gene Autry in Texas, Andy Williams in Missouri and the Radio City Music Hall in New York.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING BODY PARTS as we take a musical inventory from head to toe with the help of Billie Holiday, Buddy Clark, Patti Page, Paul Anka, Pat Boone, Dick Van Dyke, Jimmy Dorsey Judy Canova, Fats Waller and others.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING ROSES, TULIPS AND OTHER FLOWERS as we recall “The Days of Wine and Roses,” “Tip Toe Through the Tulips,” and “Orchids in the Moonlight” with such “gardeners” as Nat King Cole, Judy Garland, Bob Eberly, Helen O’Connell, Bobby Vinton and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING DAYS OF THE WEEK AND MONTHS OF THE YEAR as we recall such songs as “Sunday, Monday or Always,” “Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week,” “It’s June in January” and “April in Portugal.”CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING PERRY COMO, who sang his way into our hearts during seven decades of the Twentieth Century with his easy-going style and warm personality. Dream along with us as we recall his life and his music.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING an era of wonderful nonsense from the middle of the Twentieth Century. From “The Hut-Sut Song” to “Mairzy Doats” to “Chickery Chick” and everything in between, we’ll be entertained with crazy words and crazy tunes.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING Dancing with the (Singing) Stars from middle of the Twentieth Century with songs for and about dancing. Tripping the light fantastic with us are folks like Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Russ Morgan, Paul Whiteman, Helen O’Connell, and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING TIME and watching the clock with records and recollections of fleeting moments from the past. Taking the tunnel of time to yesterday are Ella Fitzgerald, Kay Kyser, Perry Como, Jimmy Durante, Frank Sinatra, Georgia Gibbs, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING WINTER with a Selection of seasonal memories and music from a lot of seasoned performers, including Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, Vaughn Monroe, Spike Jones, Gene Autry, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING our fine feathered friends as we present a program For The Birds. We have excellent support from such “bird-watchers” as Evelyn Knight, Frankie Laine, Rosemary Clooney, Kate Smith, Guy Mitchell, the Beatles, Bing Crosby and the Ink Spots.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING Show Business Siblings – brothers and sisters in the world of entertainment. Among those who will entertain us royally are the Mills Brothers and the Andrews Sisters, the Dorsey Brothers and the Clooney Sisters, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING the Post Office, postage stamps, letters and letter carriers. This month it’s a Mail Call brought to you by Special Delivery and including first class correspondence from such notable letter-writers as Judy Garland, Dick Haymes, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING those wonderful musical medleys as we begin our second year of monthly podcasts. We’re sharing lots of records and recollections of the music of Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter and many other songsmiths.CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING the June birthdates of more than 35 celebrities with a program of records and recollections. Among those who share our audio birthday cake include Marilyn Monroe, Phil Harris, Jane Russell, Pat Boone, Nancy Sinatra, Vic Damone, and more!CHUCK SCHADEN
REMEMBERING to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative with a program of records and recollections. Contributing moral support are Jimmy Durante, Nat King Cole, Kate Smith, Fred Astaire, Johnny Mercer, Al Jolson, the Ames Brothers and more.CHUCK SCHADEN
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