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What is romance? Is it singing? It's probably singing. Can a man know love after he failed to prevent a president from being in no way killed? No! No I say. If only Kevin Costner was there the president may not have died 23 years later.
Every time you watch John Wick, The Matrix, or Miss Congeniality, remember to give thanks to that plucky little 1960s GM Bus that could not be stopped or even slowed down regardless of how many cars it hit, tires it had, gas it lost, or gaps it jumped.
The 1994 psychological thriller about a man (Jim Carrey) with split personalities, robbing a bank, tangling with the mob, assaulting local business owners. Introducing Cameron Diaz as the sexy femme fatale that tempts him down a path to ruin.
Fans of Drunk Francisco rejoice! Fans of T & A double rejoice...maybe triple rejoice there's a lot of nudity in this one. And there's nudity in the movie too! *rimshot* The 1992 Paul Verhoeven classic with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.
Do you know law things about how law works? Cause this movie definitely does not. Unfortunately this movie is not "Double Impact" the movie with 2 Jean-Claude Van Dammes which is the movie Francisco thought we were going to talk about.
Producer and Casting Director Margo Barrera joins us for the 1999 Rom-Com classic that's heavy on the Com but maybe not so much on the Rom. Is Hugh Grant pretty Woody Allen? Is Julia Roberts the villain? Is Horse & Hound a great name for a magazine? Listen to find out! (Yes; yes is the answer.)
We kept exchanging faces with each other until we're no longer sure who is who. Where is the soul? Is it in the face? It's probably in the face. We talk John Woo's insane 1997 action movie staring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.
Enjoy this episode where we have to take breaks from talking about this very serious film about race and the justice system by also talking about Daredevil comics, heavy metal, Joel Schumacher's weird career, and, of course, Clint Howard.
Hohoho blockheads. Gather the family around the fireplace this holiday season and listen to our now traditional discussion of a Netflix Christmas movie. Also we end up on Pornhub talking about sex dolls. So there's that.
There's no crying in podcasting! Obvious joke aside in this episode Erica rejoins to talk ladies, baseball, everyone hating Kit, Madonna playing herself, Beetlejuice making the movie better, and Tom Hanks and Geena Davis NOT hooking up.
Bad costumes, bad puns, bad passwords, and just plain bad. We offer some halfhearted defenses of this movie that should have been a comedy and almost was. So grab your shark repellent batspray and join us for the 1997 movie that killed super hero movies....for like 3 years.
As promised (threatened?) we continue to review Netflix's Christmas Prince series alongside special guest Erica Lira. In this one; the most cliche wedding hi-jinks, the simplest embezzling plot, and the worst bloopers.
Indie filmmaker Chris Scott on the precipice of the release of his new film "Eddie Mummy: A Love Story" stops by to talk about his favorite film of all time. That's right. Remo Williams is his favorite movie................well anyway we talk about it a lot and make jokes and stuff.
Nathan rejoins the pod to talk about the under seen 1987 Walter Hill action movie. We talk about the amazing cast of badass dudes, time travelling back to 19th century Mexico to fight banditos, and how maybe we just need to take our relationship slow and not rush into anything okay Jennifer!
Since we're approximately the seven hundred twenty seven thousand six hundred and seventy third podcast to cover Star Wars we decided not to do our normal episode. Instead we spend 50 minutes throwing "Empire" themed comedy spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.
We're joined by comic book author Henry Barajas to talk about Tim Burton, Jack Nicholson, and Michael Keaton. That's right it's "Batman" 1989 but don't worry we talk a lot about other versions of The Cape Crusader from comics to TV, animation to other more pun filled movies.
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