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#TheLOCKERROOM candles made by Prairie Rose Candle Company are available now! - Do we know any popular artists - The results from Friday's MPW - Maybe we should be paying teachers more - @Spenny from Kenny Vs Spenny - Show Local Some Love: The Edmonton Food Bank95.7 CRUZ FM
Did the Christmas Party intervention for Jimmy work? - Loc'r is relieved he doesn't have to watch soccer anymore - Zombie virus' - You gotta own it when you win the lampshade award - and Show Local Some Love: JT's Bar & Grill95.7 CRUZ FM
Grant teaches the boys a new word - Loc'r is still doing weird things in his shower - What would your final tweet be - Drinking at the World Cup - A meet & greet - and learn about the Magic of Lights at Rad Torque Raceway95.7 CRUZ FM
We phone @ItsDeanBlundell to gloat about being able to drink during World Cup games - Science should study Pete Davidson - Jimmy forgot that Loc'r invited him over for his birthday - Baggedmilk from Oilersnation - and more95.7 CRUZ FM
Why is Loc'r dreaming about coworkers in the shower - Jimmy's candle smells exactly like Jimmy - Tax increases for bike lanes - An apology to Spruce Grove from Loc - Rumsack March for Remembrance - and upgrades to Marmot Basin!95.7 CRUZ FM
Is Loc'r leaving twitter - Why does Jimmy wear a helmet to the mall - Grant talks kink shaming - Will you be friends with a fan of a rival team - Loc'r thinks Theo Fleury is being paid by Russia - and @VictorCui joins us for 1 final chat95.7 CRUZ FM
Did sparks fly between Jimmy & his hair stylist - As you get older, what do you like less - Don't worry about donating money at the till - Speaking Emoji - and Show Local Some Love : Collin Bruce Mortgage Team (@cbmortgageteam)95.7 CRUZ FM
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