Ep. 32 - What Are Ways I Can Heal and Improve My Sex Life?


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Are you comfortable talking about sex? Is sex an area of life that works well for you or do you struggle with pain, past trauma, and insecurity in relationships? You are not alone! Due to a lack of meaningful education about sex and our bodies, most of us have some sexual hang-ups or feelings of dysfunction. In today's episode, Mona shares her experiences working with Irene Morning, a trained yoga therapist and somatic (def: body-based) pleasure coach to work on becoming more comfortable with talking about sex and becoming more embodied. We then interview Irene about her practice and belief in working with people on experiencing more pleasure in their lives, whether that is within their sex lives or just within life in general. This conversation with Irene was one of my favorites! Definitely check this one out!

Irene Morning Bio:

Irene is a trauma-informed somatic pleasure coach, weaving together extensive training in somatic healing, sexual health counseling and lived experience as a queer, kinky, neurodivergent, polyamorous femme. She to help others reclaim pleasure as a guiding principle in their daily lives. This includes individual coaching, couples coaching, small group programs, and writing, in addition to facilitating the Pleasure Coven membership for femme pleasure magic. Both her work and personal life revolve around the belief that centering our own pleasure is not only healing on an individual level, but also in service of interdependence and collective well being.

Website: www.irenemorning.com

Instagram: @irene_morning

Instagram: @allthetherapies

Editing By: Blackwell Post

Original Music by: Juli Crockett

Time Stamps:

1:45 Abby and Mona discuss their curiosities for the week

9:30 Mona shares about her session with Irene Morning

13:50 Mona talks about a grounding exercise that gave her new insight

16:30 Mona shares how the session with Irene benefitted her

25:30 Interview with Irene Morning

33:33 Irene discusses how capitalism impacts pleasure

37:45 We discuss the ways pleasure gets policed and discouraged in society

45:00 Irene discussed her experience with polyamory and how relationships help us heal

56:27 What is Irene's idea of healing?

1:00:39 End of Episode

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