Ultimate Guide to L2s on Ethereum by DCBuilder - a Mastery review! (Part 1)


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"In this article, I’ll talk about L2s on Ethereum, the state of the current scaling ecosystem, and why I believe running L2s on top of Ethereum is the most economically and technically sustainable scaling solution long term."


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In this episode we're going to be be reading through part 1 of this epic guide on L2s on Ethereum by DCBuilder. After completing this guide you'll have a good grip on all the different acronyms and projects in the L2 ecosystem of Ethereum and you'll know the difference between optimistic rollups, ZK rollups, and EVM compatible or non compatible rollups. Enjoy!

Here is the original post with a plethora of links and resources: https://dcbuilder.mirror.xyz/QX_ELJBQBm1Iq45ktPsz8pWLZN1C52DmEtH09boZuo0

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