138. Ministry Leadership in a Time of Immense Change, with Markus Watson


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In a time of immense change, how should churches do ministry? How should pastors and leaders lead their churches and organizations? Should we set a BHAG--a Big Hairy Audacious Goal? Should we set one-year, five-year, and ten-year goals?
Or is there another way? Could it be that what we need are not big, enormous goals, but simple to take small steps and achieve short-term wins?

  • Markus Watson questions whether or not churches today should set BHAGs--Big Hairy Audacious Goals.
  • “Small steps and short-term wins are the best approach, rather than big programs or large-scale planning.” --Alan Roxburgh, The Missional Leader
  • We are living in a time of discontinuous change.
  • Continuous change is the kind of change that is expected and understood.
  • Discontinuous change is unexpected and hard to understand.
  • In times of discontinuous change, Markus Watson suggests churches should not set large goals; rather they should conduct small experiments.
  • Missteps and small losses can be just as valuable for churches today as small steps and short-term wins.
  • Whether through wins or losses, the most important thing, according to Markus Watson, is to keep learning.
  • Through their small wins and losses, churches can learn about their neighbors, about themselves, and about God.
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