WBSP386: Grow Your Business by Understanding Infor Visual's Capabilities, an Objective Panel Discussion


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When an ERP system uses a specific buzzword or something that customers might relate to, it's typically the marketing hype. And not really the strength of the product. For example, several cloud products might include a "cloud" word, even if they might be legacy products. Just to prey on uninformed customers! But there is one system that really lives to its name called Infor Visual. That has similar visual capabilities and organization that is rare to find in smaller software packages. Also, most of the smaller packages targeted for job shops typically exploit the broken processes of the customers. Infor Visual is surprisingly an exception there as well. But is Infor Visual a fit for every business out there?

In today's episode, we invited a panel of industry experts for a live discussion on LinkedIn to conduct an independent review of Infor Visual's capabilities. We covered many grounds, including its unique capabilities and where it’s likely to be the strongest fit. Finally, we discussed the challenges with its roadmap and why the product is likely to be sunset soon.

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