Your System for Onboarding New Clients


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First impressions matter!

For business owners, finding a great accounting professional is hard.

There’s so much choice, and it can be difficult to tell who is going to be good and who is going to be awful.

So, set your standards high right from the outset.

A bad first impression will scare your clients off in seconds.

You need to make sure every first experience within your business is smooth, easy and delivers lots of value. That sets the tone for what it might be like to work with you (and you’ll easily convert more clients).

Then when you do sign that client up – don’t stop there!

Continue showing them how great it’s going to be working together by making sure all your onboarding processes are quick, consistent and streamlined.

Your clients are going to love you for that.

And clients that love you will rave about you to everyone they know.

That’s the best marketing anyone could ask for.

The latest episode of the Value Pricing Podcast is now available: Your System for Onboarding New Clients

In today’s episode you will learn:

✅ The 7 key elements of a great onboarding system

✅ 9 essential things to include in your onboarding emails

✅ How to streamline your onboarding process with software

✅ Top tips on onboarding from the guys behind JetPack Workflow and Practice Ignition

Make your clients love you right from the outset of your relationship and you’ll never have to worry about them leaving you, complaining about price, or causing you trouble. They are also sure to refer you to other great clients.

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