Obsessed With Our Oldest Episodes: Ego, Change and Being Grateful For Your Challenges with Julie Lokun and Mika Altidor


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🦋Here is a little special. This is an old-school episode with Jules and Mika discussing what really matters--the hard stuff.

Do you believe your life is meant for more? Yet, you are in a funk or feeling STUCK? Mika and Jules get together in Florida to talk about being in a funk. The weather can be a contributor to your funk. Being complacent can lead to depression, malaise, and gray days. We all go through bad news, bad weather, and challenges.

We tend to compare ourselves to others which makes life more difficult. Yet, we need to understand that we cannot do life alone. We need to understand that life is better together.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Stop COMPARING yourself to others because you never can compete with the filters of Instagram or snapshots of someone else's life.

The 3 C's--⬇

comparing, competing, complaining, and criticizing

What is worse is when we compare ourselves to the life we thought we should be living. We understand the power of living in the now.

Get inspired by surrounding yourself with people that are one or two steps ahead of you on your journey.

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You get what you accept in your life. Life is hard-so we are tackling the real conversations, the vulnerability, and the truth of life.

Get Obsessed with us. Collectively we are a nutritionist, a master certified life coach, an attorney, and a self-esteem expert. We dive into topics that uncover the essence of the human experience. Our stories are one of kicking fear in the face and taking a leap of faith.

We are equally obsessed with the works of Brene Brown and are inspired to study and understand the 30 core emotions. Each week we will explore another emotion, talk to experts in their field and inspire you to live the life you are meant to be living.

We are Julie Lokun, JD, Tia Morell Walden, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Mika Altidor, Certified Life Coach. Join us for the conversation, and more importantly be a part of the conversation. Reach out with a question or comment about an episode or suggest a personal development topic you are obsessed with. After all, the Obsessed Podcast is for you and about you.

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