Take Every Thought Captive – Ep.188 – Against All Opposition – Reasoning As A Christian Should


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Take Every Thought Captive

The Christian is commanded to take every thought to obey Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). It’s not just in the realm of morality or on Sundays. It doesn’t involve just the personal thoughts or the public actions. Every thought is to be conformed to the sovereignty of God. Even our apologetics? Even our starting points for how we view facts? Every. Thought.

Of course this is easier said than done and even the Apostle Paul knew that. It’s why it’s called a sanctification process and not a moment. How we interact with the brute facts of this world and those messages that entice us away from God’s path are to be responded in the biblical way. We are to be corrected by the Word of God especially if we find ourselves to have a wrong intrepretation of God’s Word. We are called to live rightly by democracy rule. God is a monarchy and we are called to serve the King as sons and daughters.

As we are demolishing arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, let us always seek to obey Christ.


00:00 – Introduction
03:44 – Christians Should Respond As Christians To Facts
04:58 – How To Talk To People With Facts And Assumptions
09:06 – Be Self-Conscious About Our Own Assumptions
12:09 – Neutrality Is Impossible
16:16 – Be Corrected By The Word Of God
18:09 – Not A Call To Turn Off Your Brains
21:36 – Recognize God Is The Ultimate Authority
22:19 – Not Wrong To Change Your Wrong Interpretations
24:17 – Not The Gallup Poll Route
25:30 – Not Denying Facts But Deny Interpretations
36:07 – God’s Truth Applies To Every Area Of Life
41:46 – Conclusion

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Take Every Thought Captive

Books mentioned in this episode:

Against All Oppositions

Against All Opposition: Defending the Christian Worldview by Greg Bahnsen – Get The Book(s) – Order At American Vision

Bahnsen Institute

Bahnsen Lecture Library

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