Facts Don’t Change Hearts – Ep.187 – Against All Opposition – Foundational Faith


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Facts Don’t Change Hearts

What do you mean facts don’t change hearts? You just build up enough facts on top of someone they can’t help but change their minds. While that might be true of some low investment beliefs think about something like the abortion debate. Does talking about the science of human life at conception and the different DNA between mother and child convince the other side that the murder is wrong? Not even medical doctors change their minds with their beliefs on that subject. So while you may be able to convince someone that Jesus existed or that he was looked up to as a leader and teacher, pushing them over the edge to believing that He died to save you from your sins is something that would so oppose their underlying belief system that moving them from that spot would be difficult – one could even say it would take an act of God to accomplish.

So we look at the relationship facts and faith play in a person’s worldview and show while facts are not to be fully dismissed they aren’t always the kill shot we’re looking for. Human nature doesn’t work that way. And greater still – it’s exactly what The Bible tells us to expect.


00:00 – Introduction
02:24 – Christians Don’t Turn Off Their Brains
05:12 – Relationship Between Faith & Facts
10:00 – Facts In A Worldview
13:13 – Rescuing Devices For Facts That Don’t Quite Fit
18:48 – Facts Don’t Usually Solve Conflicts Or Change Worldviews
21:40 – When Facts Change Minds Vs. Change Hearts
27:53 – Miracles Don’t Change Minds
33:25 – Realizing Why People Don’t Accept The Truth Of Christianity
40:55 – Conclusion

The episode link is cavetothecross.com/ep187/

Facts Don't Change Hearts

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Bahnsen Institute

Bahnsen Lecture Library

Knowledge and Christian Belief

Knowledge & Christian Belief by Alvin Plantinga

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