Talk Heathen 06.30 07-24-2022 with Secular Rarity and Kenneth Leonard


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In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Secular Rarity hosts a fun show with Kenneth Leonard and are in search of callers who will either present the existence of god, or prove that it is not true that a shapeshifting dragon named Steve formed itself into Kenneth’s chair. Marco in NV is our first caller and has had a personal revelation from god. He started noticing coincidences after smoking lots of weed. What does an experience tell us about the cause and nature of the experience? How did you rule out that you weren’t being pranked by a mischievous wizard? How do you know this was supernatural? Do you have a solid way to demonstrate the truth of your claim? Barry from Europe wants some input about going through deconversion and coming out to spouses. There are people who can help with Recovering from Religion. When going through something like this, ask yourself what your goals are. Explore the best methods to determine true things with your spouse and focus on shared agreements. Talk with other people about it in the Facebook groups. Stephen in the USA has evidence of god! This evidence is a passage in the Old Testament that is talking about piercing hands. What is the reason you think this verse is talking about the Messiah? How does any verse in the Bible prove god? How do we know what Jesus said about anything? How do we know the Gospels are true? Is it a problem that multiple manuscripts have contradictory statements? Is it possible that the writers of the gospels were familiar with these prior writings? Icon from Canada had a message from god and has verified that nothing could have caused it other than chemicals. He has been unable to replicate the experience with more chemicals. What does it say to you that you did not get the same results from the first time? It is a beautiful thing when the honest answer is admitting that we just don’t know. There is some wacky brain stuff that happens! Is the original experience that you had actually connected to the real world? Frank in GA wants the atheists to know they go to this place of outer darkness after death. There is this giant snake that circles the earth and we can hear the screams of atheists when the snake is opened. Why should anyone believe this is a real place? Why do we think that any part of the body survives death? Zack in TX has proof of god which is the earth itself. How can we know the earth is a creation? Just because something is here, does not mean that it was created. How can we tell the difference between something that was created and something that was formed naturally? What is the criteria for one thing being designed and one thing not? Evan in TX knows that semen to birth proves god. What would you say if you saw evidence that the earth is billions of years old? If your beliefs are immune to evidence, do you care about whether they are true? Is there a better way to determine if our beliefs are true than following the evidence? Thank you for hanging out with us today! If you are an essential worker we thank and respect you!

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