65 - Mayka Goodstone - SARPE and Orthognathic Surgery


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Emma is joined by Mayka Goodstone who just underwent Orthognathic Surgery to move her jaws forward resolving her obstructive sleep apnea. Together they discuss:

* Mayka shares about her childhood growing up in Spain with asthma, allergies and mouth breathing.

* Developing snoring during her 20s.

* "Long Face Syndrome" and how Mayka and Emma both developed long faces as a result of mouth breathing as children causing their faces to develop long and narrow with compromised airways.

* Mayka getting a diagnosis with obstructive sleep apnea and taking time during the pandemic to really research why she developed OSA and the orthognathic surgery that could resolve it.

* Meeting with a number of orthodontists and surgeons who specialized in Orthognathic Surgery.

* Mayka explains that the process of Invisalign braces followed by SARPE (surgically assisted rapid palate expansion) and finally Orthognathic Surgery (also called double jaw surgery and MMA surgery).

* How much Mayka feels her nasal breathing, OSA and snoring improved after surgery.

See Mayka's remarkable transformation before and after pictures here and follow her on Instagram @maykagoodstone_jawsurgery

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Disclaimer: this episode of the podcast includes people with sleep apnea discussing their own experiences of medical procedures and devices. This is for information purposes only and you should consult with your own medical professionals before you start or stop any medication or treatment.

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